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German WW2 helmet - ends June 6th

Ladies and Gentlemen - and the rest of arrse. Back, by popular demand is the one item that no arrser can be without at least once in their lives*. Auction to end on June 6th (D day to remind anyone who had forgotten the significance of that date)

I've had my fun with it, now its someone elses turn. I give you (for a fee) this;

There are two sets of stamps on the inside of the helmet, on the left side what looks like either BF66 or EF66 and at the back Z0655. Complete with a set of goggles that may, or may not be the right period. The liner may look horrible, but it is remarkably comfortable.

Now bid like you've never bidded before.

*except when shopping in Lidls as they really don't think its funny
Fair enough, then, hopefully I can add my name to the inscription and frighten the living daylights out of my dad when I turn up to mow the lawn in it!
Sounds like Dave won't be doing that round of golf with that hat, unless he chips in a bit more.

Pyro counting pennies urgently, has things in mind involving nazi helmet, wet celery and a very large bratwurst

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