German wife has taken off with half german kid...where do I stand?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Val_Killmore, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys -

    This is posted for a mate who is still serving in Afghan but based in Germany. Some guys in Der Fatherland must have went through this before.

    He is on tour, German spends his paypacket for 6 months. He gets a FB message 10 days before he is due to come home...she has popped smoke with the car, the furniture and the kid leaving the MQ.

    He speaks no German but can some offer a steer on what legal processes he is now expected to hurdle?

    I know there will be a bit of piss taking (this is arrse) but some genuine advice actually sought. He is a relatively new LCpl. I know the question will be asked so the answer is "yes the relationship is def over". She has been getting pumped in his absence.
  2. Most lads including a half German lad get bummed through the courts so best speak to RAF legal and the pay office to stop anymore money going where she can get her hands on it.
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  3. He needs a German speaker ASAP.If he´s lucky he can get his stuff back off her(I was and did)
    I´m not sure how the law works on this now but I got in touch with the Statsanwaltschaft and had her done for theft,as I could prove who had paid for things.
    If your going to get hitched to a German you need to speak the lingo or your fucked in more ways than one as this case proves
    (Was the Emperor the guest of honour at the wedding perchance?)
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  4. There's a German legal liaison at UKSC(G) who helped my mate out in a similar case, contacted through welfare I believe, he can't give legal assistance but can help with translations and finding a lawyer and little hints and tips
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  5. Much appreciated. I am chatting to him now on FB and will relay all the advice.
  6. Also get the Welfare team in on this ASAP, as they can give advise and also if needed refer it up to AWS.

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  7. It is best to speak to Legal aid as previously highlighted.
    It happened to me a few years ago and depends on whether he got married in Germany on in the UK.
    If he got married in Germany then he bound by German Law and will get fugged by his other half.
    If he got married in UK then he bound by British Law. Not so bad.
    I was divorced 3 years ago and subject to German law :(
    Just finished the process and was expensive. I have paid nearlly 5000 quid. All possesions are split 50-50. the good news is she is not entitled to my army pension (24 years) the bitch.
  8. not relevant yet but, if you have to pay for your child over the german system , be aware the older the child the more you pay for them.......and if your child decides to study you'll pay till it's 35 in some cases
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  9. Not quite true 26 is the cut off as far as I know
  10. I got divorced from the "hairy armpit hun wife" as well in 92.At the time whoever filed for divorce paid the lot(i knew this,she didn't) She wanted the divorce,so i told her to go and do it.1:0 to me.Then the hun judge awarded her 50% of my pension when the time would arise.As luck has it she died in her sleep from a heart attack 3 years ago.2:0 to me.:cheers:
  11. Who said romance was dead?
  12. Are there not supposed to be quote marks around that "heart attack"?