German War Memorial

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Fishsoxs, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Went for a walk sunday around Cannock Chase and saw that there was a war memorial / graves for dead German soldiers and it got me thinking why is it at Cannock Chase??

    Can anyone shead any light or is it just one of those things?

  2. Google result....

    Cannock Chase as it is now, with its steeply-rising, pine-covered slopes, is very reminiscent of parts of Germany and this is why, in 1964, it was chosen as the site of the Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof - the cemetery which now contains the bodies of all German servicemen who died in the UK during both world wars. The cemetery was built by the German War Graves Commission, with grant aid provided by the Federal Republic of Germany. Today, the care of the cemetery is in the hands of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
  3. Thanks for that. I never realised that Cannock Chase resembled parts of Germany. Something new that I have learned.

    Thank you
  4. Does it have a sign saying that the land upon which the graves stand have been granted to Germany in perpetuity?. As with allied sites in France etc.
  5. I doubt it, but that won't have an impact on the duration of the "eternal vigil".

    Questions about the length of commitment that the CGWC has for maintenance of this cemetary is one for the PR office of the CWGC.

    Here is what their CWGC site says about the site:

  6. If they were already exhuming the bodies, why not just return them to Germany to be with their families?
  7. Maybe some were from parts of the former Reich that are no longer Germany? Silesia, Prussia, Pomerania and Konigsburg spring to mind.