German Wündertanks vs Shermans

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by meerkatz, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

    So, the accepted myth is the poor old 75mm Sherman was inferior to a MkIV, had no chance against a Panther, and was just a range target for a Tiger…

    A busy day in the life of a 75mm Sherman troop…

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  2. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Blimey. A good day out, and a nice find. Thank you.

    Probably could've just added this to one of the existing WWII threads, though.
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  3. fu2

    fu2 LE

    4 shoots :rolleyes:. Their shooting was better than their grammer.

    Brave men.
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  4. Agreed, in the Normandy thread would be most suitable.
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  5. Churchill armour was thicker than a Tiger and a 6 pounder could knock one out, what Gerry did have were superb guns that could knock out a Sherman from distances that Allied tanks could barely see a Tiger.
  6. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Take that as a glancing shot off the glacis. :-D
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  7. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Yes but the contact report refers to M4s.
  8. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

    Probably not. When I stumbled across this, I thought this was very useful as a first hand insight to the actual reality of fighting the allegedly 'better' German tanks in a plain Jane 75mm Sherman, rather than the historical revisionism that talks of German tanks being invincible behemoths, invulnerable to anything bar a Firefly or a Pershing.
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  9. Same gun (Mk VII) just making the point that German armour wasn't necessarily thicker, their guns definitely were.
  10. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    As you state, no-one's saying the 6-pdr couldn't do it, it's just at what range.
  11. Sjt. Dring was commander of Sherman 'Akilla' of A Sqn, 1st Nottinghamshire Yeomanry, 8th Armoured Brigade.

    This is him and his crew


    Lt. Neville Fearn was also in A Sqn.
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  12. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

    Thanks. So a properly plain jane 75 Sherman.

    Those smoke dischargers… Standard British fit or a field extemporised fit?
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  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    His obit:

    Sergeant George 'Killer' Dring
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  14. There are photos on this webpage showing knocked out Tigers and Mark IVs near Rauray

    Page Title
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  15. And ranges in Normandy were often short (although certainly not exclusively) which should have negated any gun/armour advantage in many cases.
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