German Wündertanks vs Shermans

So, the accepted myth is the poor old 75mm Sherman was inferior to a MkIV, had no chance against a Panther, and was just a range target for a Tiger…

A busy day in the life of a 75mm Sherman troop…

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Blimey. A good day out, and a nice find. Thank you.

Probably could've just added this to one of the existing WWII threads, though.
Agreed, in the Normandy thread would be most suitable.
Churchill armour was thicker than a Tiger and a 6 pounder could knock one out, what Gerry did have were superb guns that could knock out a Sherman from distances that Allied tanks could barely see a Tiger.
Blimey. A good day out, and a nice find. Thank you.

Probably could've just added this to one of the existing WWII threads, though.

Probably not. When I stumbled across this, I thought this was very useful as a first hand insight to the actual reality of fighting the allegedly 'better' German tanks in a plain Jane 75mm Sherman, rather than the historical revisionism that talks of German tanks being invincible behemoths, invulnerable to anything bar a Firefly or a Pershing.
Sjt. Dring was commander of Sherman 'Akilla' of A Sqn, 1st Nottinghamshire Yeomanry, 8th Armoured Brigade.

This is him and his crew

Lt. Neville Fearn was also in A Sqn.
There are photos on this webpage showing knocked out Tigers and Mark IVs near Rauray

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As you state, no-one's saying the 6-pdr couldn't do it, it's just at what range.
And ranges in Normandy were often short (although certainly not exclusively) which should have negated any gun/armour advantage in many cases.
To be fair, the tigers/panthers were superb idea comes from a lot of revisionist clap trap akin to the lions led by donkeys perception. Those who have researched or actually experienced such confrontations would state that at short to medium ranges the disparity didn't exist. I also think a lot of the appreciation comes from a love of some things German. Its a predominant view within the AFV modelling fraternity & i'd say that crosses into mainstream ww2 buffs perceptions.

EDIT - i seem to remember reading a long time ago that 6 pounder AP ammunition development was such that its velocity was significantly higher in the later war years increasing its potency.
Incredible gunnery from a time when a first round hit was considered normal in many regiments 32% of the time. Great document. Many thanks for sharing.
Seeing that OKW reckoned that at least 45% of tank 'kill' claims by the likes of Wittman etc were spurious, I'd take unverified Allied after action reports with a rather heavy pinch of salt.
German Tank Kill Claims

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