German TV star in scandal

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, May 4, 2013.

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  1. Could be that he got drafted in 1943 and therefore didn't have much choice.
    Even if he did volunteer, how culpable could an 18 year old be? Hitler would have been in power for most of his life (1933) and he like all other Germany children would have been indoctrinated into believing that Hitler was a living God. Surely after Labour Service any fit Junger with all his teeth would have opted for the Waffen SS. I would have! :crazy:
    I'm sure, since he's been dead for a bit, that he's gutted a Dutch cable TV channel will not be doing reruns of his TV show.
  2. Some may have "opted" for the SS but most were just conscripted into it. A good German friend of mine in the mid/late '70s was ex Panzer SS, he told me there was no choice, you served where you were sent.
  3. See my first sentence?
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    better food, pay. uniform, kit and holiday locations - couldn't blame the guy anyway.
  5. Maybe I have read the wrong info, but I was of the opinion that there were 'good' and professional SS batalions also. Not all were killing grannies and children, or is that history not allowed as we won?
  6. Have a read of this lot.....btw, 'good and professional SS' often meant using a shovel instead of wasting ammo on that 3 year old kid.
  7. Turned down by the Gestapo?
  8. Sorry, beer goggles. It didn't register.
  9. "I was only obeying orders!"
  10. So what's your point scaleydave? From that list you appear to have missed the Dresden massacre. Oops my mistake that was the RAF.

    My point being that both sides carried out murderous acts on varying scales, if you read some of your links it lists incidents by allied troops too.

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  11. I'd say the point being made is that they were a bunch of nasty cunts, as for Dresden, fuck off they started it
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  12. All this "I was shocked" pish get's right up my nose. What a bunch of self righteous cunts.
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  13. Dresden 'Massacare'?...oh dear., here we go with another 'poor innocent German' thread.

    The casualties of Dresden were inflated to gain sympathy to help reconcile post war dislike of Germans as we needed them to be used as a barrier between us and Ivan, although 'feeling sorry for yourself' is yet another particular trait of the Germans, along with underlining smugness and sense of entitlement.

    To compare any war crime committed by Allies as 'typical behaviour' is to forget that Nazi murders were part of policy and usually encouraged and/or overlooked by the their High Command.