German TV licence fine - UKBC

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by bigpod, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. I know it's slightly off topic as a UKBC, but some here who've serve in Germany might be able to help.

    Just had a german Civvy at the Quarters door trying to get me to sign a form to pay a 1000 euro fine for not having a TV licence. Our language skills in each others lingo were non existant. I showed him my UKBC ID, but as it says Civilian he was sure I had to pay. I have refused, and he left a sheaf of unintelligable papers. I will get them checked, and someone who speaks the lingo will help me sort it. However, in the interim, the question is,

    Does a UKBC need to pay for a German TV licence?
  2. NO!

    Should some clown like that show up again and attempt to gain entry, do not let him in and if he gets stroppy call the RMP. I suspect that he was attempting to get back payment for the licence, he has no authority whatsoever to impose a fine, only a German Court may do that.
  3. Ta!

    Fast AND informative.
  4. Inform the RMP anyway - it could be a conman who may be more successful elsewhere on the patch.