German TV licence fine - UKBC

I know it's slightly off topic as a UKBC, but some here who've serve in Germany might be able to help.

Just had a german Civvy at the Quarters door trying to get me to sign a form to pay a 1000 euro fine for not having a TV licence. Our language skills in each others lingo were non existant. I showed him my UKBC ID, but as it says Civilian he was sure I had to pay. I have refused, and he left a sheaf of unintelligable papers. I will get them checked, and someone who speaks the lingo will help me sort it. However, in the interim, the question is,

Does a UKBC need to pay for a German TV licence?

Should some clown like that show up again and attempt to gain entry, do not let him in and if he gets stroppy call the RMP. I suspect that he was attempting to get back payment for the licence, he has no authority whatsoever to impose a fine, only a German Court may do that.
Inform the RMP anyway - it could be a conman who may be more successful elsewhere on the patch.

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