German troops may face Jews -as part of mission for peace

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Aug 16, 2006.

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    I don't really see a problem. I'm sure the Israelis, will be happier with the Germans then Troops from Egypt, Syria, Turky, (Or especially) Iran or some other mideast country. Or even worse, some third world outfit like Pakistan, like the UN generally, uses.
  2. I heard a German general on the radio yesterday saying the Germans would not allow their troops to take up a peacekeeping role that might bring them into direct confrontation with the IDF. He said they would most likely take up border patrol duties on the Lebanon/Syria border.
  3. Wtf kind of mentality is that?

    Are they going to flagellate themselves for the rest of time over WW2?

    Is the Holocaust going to define every aspect of their foreign policy?

    What a bunch of pussies!

    They shouldnt go, they're biased.
  4. Most likely.

    Not because the Germans have quite an efficient and professional army...
  5. Why bring this up? The German Army of today is not the Army of Hitlers Germany. It is not as if they have an ITD on Gassing Jews is it?

    FFS, if we apply this to other countries, I hope the Italians aren't going, after all they coluded with the Jews and killed Christ!!!! This is just drivel to provoke a reaction. And by gott it got one!!
  6. Just reported on the Today Programme on Radio 4 that the UN is very worried as no country has given an express commitment to put trooops into Lebannon. Looks like the whole thing might fall apart if it is not sorted soon. The Frogs are very worried about ROE.
  7. Probably nobody wants to expose own troops under Israeli strikes.

    Israeli military dreams about a revenge.
  8. Well said,

    You cannot blame the German Army today for something that was carried out years before most of their troops were born.

    Unfortunatley, many still tar the German Army today as still being Hitlers Army.
  9. Chocolate Frog is right - some are looking for a reaction.

    I think that eyebrows have been raised more about this by the wider world and the Germans then general opinion in Israel.
  10. As of 14 August AFP was reporting the following:

    France (possible lead nation of the force, they currently provide the force commander) around 4000 troops

    Italy around 3000 troops

    Malaysia around 1000 troops

    Russia - considering possibibility of sending troops

    Spain - 700 troops

    Germany - 3000 troops

    Belgium, Indonesia, Morocoo, Turkey, Portugal and Thailand - numbers not clear

    Not willing to contribute - Australia (maybe a very small contigent), Britain (too overstretched), India (currently provides 672 troops to UNIFIL), Norway (too early) and US (ally of Israel).

    There would be nothing to stop the Germans being deployed in the northern part of the AO, if the Israeli had a problem with them.

    The UN can only deploy troops from countries that are willing to contribute troops (eg Pakistan) and with the agreement of the parties to a conflict.
  11. Kofi Anan recently stated that it wasnt up to the UN to disarm Hizbollah. The Lebanese Army isnt going to disarm Hizbollah. In this environment who wants their troops to become human shields for Hizbollah ? A picture that says it all for me. French troops outside Tyre.

  12. F*ckin hell man, they need to get a grip on reality! Reminds me of Harry Enfields "I feel I must apologise for my countries actions during ze war" character. If they do take on this mission with that kind of mentality, then they are going to be of no use to anyone.
  13. Poor bloody Toms get stuck up like so many Fig 11s just so the politicians and UN big wigs can feel they have made a difference.

    Volunteers for the Lebanon - quick march! Oh...that'll be..erm..oo-er...Mr Annan, Mr Annan sir!
  14. FFS if they get deployed they will have travelled further East than the Africa Corp,the Feldmarshall will be happy.