German translations – Volunteers required!

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Psypher, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. [align=center]Nachrichten für die Truppe Translation Project[/align]

    [align=center]German translations – Volunteers required![/align]

    PsyWar.Org is looking for recruits to help translate into English the WWII Anglo-American propaganda newspaper Nachrichten für die Truppe.

    Nachrichten was the brainchild of Sefton Delmer, Britain’s famous WWII master black-propagandist. The newspaper was put together daily by a joint team of British and American journalists and air-dropped onto German troops on the Western front by a dedicated squadron of the US Eighth Air Force.

    Nachrichten contained a mix of factual news intermixed with subversive propaganda. The front page accurately reported the war situation on all fronts, usually before German troops received the news from their own sources. It was the first newspaper to report the D-day invasion. The inside pages generally dealt with the situation on the home front. The corruption of the Nazi bosses (Bonzen) was highlighted, how they avoided military service, live in luxury outside the cities, safely away from the bombing, received extra "diplomatic" food rations and basically profiteered from the war. Meanwhile soldiers’ wives are shown to be in peril through over work in munition factories, dodging the air raids, and suffering with poor diet and diseases coming from the east. Nachrichten also had a page 3 pin-up girl and even gave details of German army promotions and awards.

    During the war, the majority of Allied propaganda leaflets were translated into English. PsyWar.Org is slowly digitising these translations and making them available in our online database of PSYOP product. The database has information and illustrations of propaganda material from the First World War up to the present with examples of product from Iraq, Afghanistan and the recent Israeli-Lebanon war. See here:

    Examples of Nachrichten here:

    What you can do to help

    Unfortunately English translations of Nachrichten für die Truppe were not produced at the time and have not been since. PsyWar.Org is looking for volunteers with English/German language skills to help translate this important piece of psychological warfare and WWII history.

    Nachrichten was produced almost daily from 25 April 1944 until the last day of the war in Europe on 8 May 1945; that’s nearly 350 separate issues. PsyWar.Org wants to put together a team of volunteers to work on English translations of individual issues. Ideally a volunteer will want to help until the project is completed, perhaps being able to translate a complete issue once a month or fortnight. But if you can just translate one issue or just a page, every little helps.

    You, of course, will be credited for all the work you undertake or if you prefer you can remain anonymous or use a pseudonym.

    If you wish to help please PM or email me.



    - not spam - approved by Good CO 30 Dec -
  2. Have you tried the Imperial War Museum? I'll think they have one or two copies that were translated.
  3. Interesting. When I've enquired before they couldn't find any. Unlike other leaflets, it was policy during the war not to translate them.

    However, I have seen at the IWM a small collection of NfdT with some very brief notes about the newspapers' contents. These basically describe an article in one sentence, so not too useful. They are in a collection of personal papers of one of Delmer's men who was later attached to PWD/SHAEF.

    Is that by chance the same ones as you are thinking of, or something else?
  4. I worked there for a while carrying out a task on Certifying Free From Explosives (CFFE) their ammo collection - needless to say some horrors emerged :D

    However I got a chance to firkle about and recl that there was all sorts stuck away (including the sealed patterns for various uniform cloths) and I remember reading translated documents including the Luftwaffe rag.

    Let me get a hangover for the next couple of days and I will look out my contact list.

    Happy New Year!
  5. :thumright:Thanks Rickshaw that's great.
    It's always a challenge finding out what the IWM have buried away.

    Best wishes for a great 2008! :D
  6. You might have a difficulty finding translators trained in military terminology doing it on a voluntary basis. It is perhaps however worth trying the Defence School of Languages as the subject matter could be of benefit as assignments for training purposes, whilst as the same time you get a translation of the document in question. :)
  7. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I spent a large part of 1980 on a residential Civil Service Linguist (Army) German course at the HEC, Muelheim AD Ruhr. I have found it very difficult in the intervening years to slip words like Hubschrauber, Beobachtungstelle, Spaehpanzer, usw into normal conversation.

    If you aren't in too much of a rush, send me a sample (I'll send a real e-mail address by return PM) and if I can be bothered, I'll give it a bash.

    You've caused me a flashback to Phase 3 of the course and I had to stand before the class and give a lecture - in German - on a subject of my choice. Oh what fun it was describing Scorpion gun drills to people who had absolutely no concept.


  8. I know .........Helicopter....OP posn.....recon tracked veh....usw ,,und so weiter...( and so on )

    And Quetschkopf Quatschkopf

    AlienFTM do I get some jelly beans now :D :D
  9. T0sser! :D If you couldn't chat up a tart with "Komm' mit und meine vorderergrenzderveitidugstellung besuchen" then you must be ugly and no woman would look at you :twisted:

    God they taught us some sh1t. I am currently trying Serbo- Croat and its death by weird sounds and 7 cases :oops:
  10. Rickshaw.......front border defence position ( crap Deutsch )

    ill get my coat we could be here all day making up words :lol: :lol:
  11. FFS you are richtig " Vordereranddervertiedigusgstellung". However I have just been to the rubadub next door with the sex koenigen who sits next to me and have quaffed of the red wine and the Irish Coffees (incredibly badly made but......!)

    Happy New Year :D

    Edited to add "Forward Edge of the Defended Area" (FEBA). But - it was 32 years ago :D
  12. Thanks all for the replies here and PMs :D

    For those who have kindly volunteered, I was thinking of setting-up a closed forum on my website where those working on the project can work together if they wish. But mainly as a place to maintain a list of technical terms and to help make the translations consistent. There are a lot of both military and political terms in Nachrichten and also there's the issue over how certain words should be translated, like "Bonzen", "Heimat", "Schluss", etc.

    I had thought about also approaching a defence language school either in the UK or US but thought their main area of concern these days would be on Arabic and Manadrin. Also the content of Nachrichten could prove problematical.

    So was thinking finding retired cold-war warriors might be a better alternative. :D
  13. PMs sent to AlienFTM and the others you have shown an interest in helping out.

    Thanks all. :D
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Oh no it isn't.

    I found this with Google language tools:

    Nick Robinson Origami :

    One excellent cockup was using the work Quatsch (meaning "rubbish") instead of the word Quetsch, (meaning "squash"). Try it in English - "Now we make a ..."

    The jelly beans are on you I'm afraid.
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I was forever being asked of an evening whilst out on a mission in Uncle Tom's Cabin if I could translate some bone chat-up line or something even less worthy of coming between me and my beer.

    I only ever taught one phrase:

    Ich moechte Ihre Tochter bitte in die Scheune mitnehmen.