German translation needed .22rim fire

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViolentBadger, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone translate what "fur buchsen" and "nur mit Satz geladen" means. I've run it through babel fish and it doesn't quite make sense.

    I'm trying to find out what these new primed empty .22rf cases are used for.

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  2. "only for guns"

    I think it says "nur mit Salz geladen"

    which means "only load with salt"

    I think this is for shooting small boys in orchards....!

    Trust the Germans to actually sell rock salt carts..
  3. It translates to "for cans"??

    Only load with salt is correct. Do they have percussions caps?
  4. Thanks that makes sense.
  5. percussion caps? ya mean primers? its a rimfire, the priming compound is encapsulated in the rim,

    unless thats not what yer asking at all, might be me being a muppet :D
  6. 100

    Rimf. cart. (cartridge) cases

    .22 long for carbines

    only loaded with salt
  7. That's what I meant, and you answered my query. I wasn't aware that's how they worked. Not bad for an armourer eh??!
  8. It is NOT only load with salt. 'Nur mit Satz geladen' means 'only load (the cartridges) with the set', which usually means some other separate accessory made by the manufacturer of the cases. Buchsen is another word for a hunting rifle.
  9. Ditto, I think that they are the cartridges with the primers only I would presume for people who home load.

    .22 lang für Büchsen or lfB, is basically the German name for .22 long rifle
  10. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    rimless catridge cases
    .22 for long rifles *hunting rifles*
    only loaded with priming charges

    it's rimless because 'randf' is short for 'randfrei'
  11. Good guess but randf. means "Randfeuerzündung" which means rimfire. :)
  12. you 'avin a giraffe? :D you aint tellin me you never come across rimfires? blimey, what do they teach ya these days?

    yes, rimfires have the priming charge in the rim, sometimes it covers the whole of the inside of the head, but for economy these days usually just around the rim,

    centerfires have a priming cap in the center, which is what most ammunition is, certainly military ammunition, in a pocket with either a flash hole on its own (boxer primed, the cap is self contained) or with flash holes and nipple/anvil, Berden primed. Most military is berden primed.

    but then ya should know that :D
  13. Handloading rimfire cartridges is not usually done it makes no sense as .22rf are cheap enough. I wondered if these are used with something like a nail gun ? but it says for hunting rifles ?????
  14. i was wondering that myself, for the cost of a 20rnd box of centerfire cartridges you can buy a bl00dy crate of .22LR!

    i thought nailgun, but they usually have a crimp or a wad in the case neck, and these do look like NPE (new primed empty) cases, i suppose you could cook up your own load, but its hardly worth fannying about with the ammount of powder when you can just buy em off the shelf