German TKS Telephone/Internet beware

Just been posted in to Germany, went with TKS for our telephone and internet, the internet didn't work to start with so they sent a bloke out, then Lo and Behold we have just had a bill for £250 for the hour he spent in our quarter, which actually includes his travelling expenses. I'm livid..... They say we have to pay it and that we are contracted to them for a year, even though we have never signed a contract.

What a rip-off
your having a laugh muckster not the lad i remember get them told you shouldn't have to pay his travelling expenses or that bill mate if you aint signed nothing look into it brother
Gazza mate, believe me I am on to it, the feckin rob-dogs.... they got both barrels from the missus too, now that would make me quake in my shoes
I me to mate, but if no contract has been signed you aint liable for anything buddy dat is da law. and you know how the old song goes i fought the law and the law won quote that to them rob-dogs mate :D
If the company persists, get in touch with Army Legal Aid - they have both UK and German lawyers who can advise you or, if necessary, feck the company off themselves.

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