German ticket holders


I'm getting sent a bunch of stuff from the BDMP and the BDS about the German left wing parties (Greens and SPD) starting an anti-shooting agenda.
Focus seems to be about semi-autos, Norway etc.
The pro lobby are ramping up a response it seems, if anyone is interested drop me a PM with your email and I will send what I have.
Ah I see antiquated anti-Semitic humour is wasted on you.
I remember some years ago they were planning on trying a similar thing to the knee jerk Hungerford reaction which resulted in every ticket holding Jaeger in the Bundesrepublik marching on their parliament.

My muckers there tell me that if legislation is bought in they will not take away what you have, rather they will limit alterations to WBK's to what is considered allowable at the time. So dive in and buy stuff.

Even here in septicland they are a tad worried about the gradual creep of gun control. The thing is they don't realise that what will happen is that guns will not be banned, nope, ammo will be taxed to extortianate prices and ranges will close because there will be a sudden pang of guilt ;) resulting in an environmental impact tax on polluted areas - such as ranges which are lead polluted.

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