German teen sells mum's jewels to get his dick wet


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four trips ( him and mate 2x) for 300 euros . blimey he was pushing the boat out a bit .
While I applaud the young lads efforts to get his stump noshed I must say I liked the other link on the page about a Tunisian kids magazine giving details on how to make petrol bombs.

We should have a tips for kids forum called Pre-pubescent Arrse's.

Creative swearing for kids by P_G, how to get drunk on under £3 without going blind by The Snail, how to trap young and dumb hairdressers by yours truly and a race relations crash coarse (literally) by Door Bundle.

It can't go wrong.
Eeh they get started young these days, I was only just getting started on full time wanking at 14, I was 17 when I finally got my cheb end wet (and lasted all of 30 seconds), the scamp!

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