German Tall Story.

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by brummieboy1, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. I was told this tale by the grandfather of my daughter-in-law. He lived in a village in North Germany, and had been an Obergefreiter in a Panzergrenadier outfit on the eastern front (funny how they were all on the eastern front isn't it)

    Anyhoo, he had walked home from Russia, and was keeping his head down, when the Gestapo rocked up and said that all the men, and the older boys of the village, were to take up defensive positions to repel the British. Heinrich, for that was the old chaps name, did as he was told and rounded up all the blokes, and armed them with the rifles left by the men in leather overcoats.

    After he had got them dug in, he sat and waited for the British to appear and when they did appear he fired a shot into the ground, and hoisted a white flag. After some hesitation the British infantry rounded them all up, and after they had explained the situation, they were sent home sans weapons.

    That was his "Tall Story" I would like to think it was true.
  2. Back in the early 80's in BAOR, several of the locals who worked in Wulfen spoke of their wartime experiences, one claimed to have been a truck driver on the Eastern Front and another claimed to have been a demolitions expert who was called upon to destroy twenty odd V2 rockets on a train to prevent the Americans from capturing them. The third claimed to have been an anti-tank gunner posted to France in 1941, who spent the next three years enjoying the best that France had to offer before being captured during the Battle of the Bulge and being shipped to the UK as a POW until 1946.
  3. There used to be an old codger who came into the offy one day looking for Asbach, he sort of hung round the local bicycle shop, Nobby Normans, and when I mentioned that Asbach was a German brandy he said'
    'I know, I am German', he had no accent and looked like a sprightly 70 year old.
    'Tomorrow's my birthday, I'm going to be 92.'
    As you do I did the maths, this was about 5/6 years ago, and came up with the conclusion;
    'What did you do in the war daddy?'
    The owner of the bike shop, said he'd been Afrika Corps working on Rommel's staff as a despatch rider LO.
    I like to think that was the case.
    And he smoked like a chimney.
  4. Herman the German at Hameln used to regale us with his tales of trying to surrender in Normandy.He used his despatch-riders bike to visit every tourist landing beach,but was roundly told to piss off till he came to the British Army.Locally recruited and stayed on.Yeah yeah.Should have seen him brace up when ex-Leibstandarte Colonel (alright,Standartenfuhrer) visited the stube opposite Ravelin
  5. my old next door neighbour was a bat man in the luftwaffa and captured as a 17 yr old on the way up to Normandy to help repel the D-day landings!
    A sound old bloke who hated Germans and reckond Glasgow Rangers biggest problem was too many foreigners!!

    He was taken to the US of A then spent the rest of the war in Scotland helping on farms and stayed here since!

    He also said of the concentration camps "we all knew what was happening dont let anyone tell you they didnt as they lie"
  6. Being a cynic I'd think part of it would be shite walked from Russia hmm Germans were brutal of anyone thought of as a deserter plenty of police units in the rear and if you didn't have the correct papers 10,000 shot alone never mind how many were hung.

    Possible that he'd been invalided out and put into a Volkstrum unit normally led by party officials the rest might be true
  7. Met an old German once, he was open and honest about his war service none of this Eastern front only nonsence he just came out with it, SS Arnhem and yes he had killed 'Tommies' As he saw it he was a soldier and that was his job.
  8. Think you might be on the nail there mate. He was in receipt of a pension, and one odd thing about his home was, at the back of the house were half a dozen birch trees, he claimed he had brought them back from Russia as seedlings and planted them in his garden. Strange thing to do I think.
  9. I was walking around a German farm with the landowner at the end of an active edge just checking for damage. He was an old boy and spoke pretty good comedy English, a bit like the box heads on allo allo. As we walked around he showed me some drainage ditches (this was all in the Hohne area) he said that all the kids of 13- 14 years old had been given guns put in those ditches with orders to stop the British. He said to me "do you no vat ve did vhen ve zaw you? I shook my head and he said VE RAN LIKE ****. I kid you not those were his exact words. He went to explain that when the British caught them, because they were so young they cut the legs of their trousers too make them look like the kids they were and told them to go home. He had a great respect for us and the restraint we showed.
  10. Many years ago I met a U-Boat Captain which was quite novel.
    He visited the place I worked at, turned out he had been a PoW at a camp about 5 miles away and at some point did gardening work at the country house I was working at. He was showing his wife where he had been a PoW and just popped in.
    Not obliged to work apparently but boredom was a big problem after being banged up in a camp in Northumberland for a long while. He was a prisoner until 1946 or 47 before he was allowed to go home
    He seemed remarkably young, he said he was in his early 20's when in U-Boats and proudly claimed to have sunk over 100,000 tons
    Can't remember his name sadly, I wouldbe curious to see what his real story was, he might even really been one of the U-Boat aces.
  11. Apporoximate translation from German;

  12. I must admit Onetap, that does sound more reasonable, and whats more, that's just the sort of thing Heinrich would have done.
  13. Sat in the CP of Sandhams on an exercise when the local farmer, whose barnyard we were occupying stuck his head in the penthouse with a couple of yellow briefcases and a carton of fags. He politely asked if as we withdrew the next day we could try and chew up his courtyard - which he was looking to replace and needed a financial lift with! He then showed us his SS tattoo, thanked us for keeping the Russian hordes at bay and drank a beer with us in honour of the British soldiers he had fought with (against that is) in Normandy.

    After he left Ken O'Nions (RIP) made an executive decision not to distribute the beer and fags, so any gun numbers out there from Sandhams who passed a thirsty night, I apologise on behalf of the crew of H1...the beer and cigarettes were safely neutralised.
  14. On one of my trips to the Leipzig Trade Fair in the 70's & 80's, I used to meet up with one of the East German officials in the East German Govt. dept. for export. He claimed to have been captured at Stalingrad and owed his survival to the fact that his mother had given him a German/Russian phrase book and he had taken the time to learn some basic Russian. It was his ability to translate his Russian captors orders for the other German prisoners that earned him a few extra rations that kept him alive on the forced march to Siberia! There he further ingratiated himself by pretending to be a communist and became one of those selected to be sent back to E. Germany to help set up the communist regime after the war!
    He would appear to have been lucky out of 91,000 prisoners only 5,000 returned to Germany after the war!
  15. Very interesting. I am fascinated by the fact that you visited the Leipzig Trade Fair in the middle of the Cold War. What was your role there? I understand it was a one stop shop for espionage activity and acted as a recruiting ground for the counter espionage industry. Do tell. Just between you and me of course.