German Takeaway

Well.... that will stop him 'pleasuring himself'... such a wicked sin that is.......

Mathew 5: 29- 30. (taken with some poetic licence)..

And if thy 'todger and bowllox' causeth thee to stumble, pluck them off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not thy whole body be cast into hell.

or.... Daddy and Pals took offence......
Not all that unusual over here; I have rather vague and nebulous recollections of a farmer down in the Black Forest doing the same to someone that had upset him, back in the late `80s. Though to be fair, if he was so concerned for his daughter why didn`t he stitch her together with baler twine or a couple of staples through the lips, just like they do in Africa. Maybe even use some super-glue if he doesn`t want to cause unnecessary pain and blood-loss?
top drills? the bloke who was balls deep or the dad?
The only drill I know in which you are allowed to end up rolling around the floor screaming and pissing blood is from the old musketry pamphlet:

"Musket firing all right, musket firing all right, musket firing all right, musket blows up in your face...

imediate action drill: roll around the floor screaming and pissing blood"

Obviously I meant the pervy nonce painfull castration drill carried out by the dad. If the state won't protect your kids, you have too do it. 57 and 17 is not a healthy relationship (Silvio Berlusconi take note!).

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