German soldiers too fat, smoke too much

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by PassingBells, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. I was surprised that they are considered less fit than their civilian counterparts.

    At least the Brits can't be accused of sinking that low.

  2. They have no wars to fight. At least not until the next Hitler. They have no reason to stay in shape.

    Brit soldiers on the other hand have to stay in tip-top condition because who knows what the next US president is going to do? :D
  3. The German soldats I have worked with are generally pretty fit and active. Not sure where the bratty munching, tab smoking, beer monsters are.
  4. From the torygraph today:

    Almost nine percent of professional soldiers, some of whom are involved in dangerous overseas missions such as the one in Afghanistan, were found to be clinically obese. Over 27 percent admitted to never engaging in sports or other physical activities.

    Reinhold Robbe, the German Army Ombudsman, who coordinated the study and whose job is to provide civilian oversight of the armed forces, said: "Plainly put, the soldiers are too fat, do too little sport and take little care of their diet. The revelations are alarming."

    May I recommend some brisk marching to get them back into shape.
    They don't have to go far.....lets say Poland and back for starters.
  5. The way things are, given that the Polish Army has been involved in a lot of hotties recently, they would probably beat the Bundeswehr. There is certainly no love lost between the two countries
  6. Strange given that the Krauts have excellent sports facilities, pools and the like.
  7. More detail from MOD Oracle:

    I love it, they spend more time recycling than training - that's the kind of army the LibDems would like to see.

    How can they have 70% smokers :?

    Mind you if they are being fed the wrong food, that would explain a lot - anyone who has seen the French riot police (CRS) who are porkers to a man, will know what I mean.
  8. See 'Who ate all the Pies' RAC thread.

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  9. Gott Sei Dank! Ich weiss jetzt dass Ich Deutsche geboren war :D
  10. "Who ate all the pies?
    Who ate all the pies?
    You fat German,
    You fat German,
    You ate all the Pies" :D