German soldiers in sense of humour shocker

The Bundeswehr bosses recently banned a shop at Camp Marmal from selling these t-shirts. Wearing them has also been banned.

Translation: "Thou Shalt Not Steal".

A previously banned t-shirt read "Granddad never got this far east".

All this has caused a minor ruckus in the German media. Poor Germans. If they hadn't invaded Poland, they wouldn't have to worry about being so politically correct.
I'm going to nominate myself as the mong to ask which country are the oil tankers representing and who's in the tornado? And i take it they are coming from Iraq? Or am i just a complete bone mong? 8O (don't answer that :wink: )
Why were there so many Afghans in the tanker?
Anyone have a link to or an image of those 'Grandad' T=shirts teh German's printed? Sounds funny and I'd love to take a peek at one.
Nice one Herr Boxhead, like the T shirts, great stuff.
Trooper! said:
'A previously banned t-shirt read "Granddad never got this far east".'

That's funny, shame that some prissy PC type bans them.
Do you have a picture of that one too?

Sod the pictures, does anyone know where I can get an original one from???

(My Grandfather didn't get that far East, but my Great Uncle did!)
I don't know where this notion comes from that the Boxheed squaddies don't have a sense of humour. The normal Bundeswehr term for the gas chamber is "Cafe Eichmann".

Bedpan2zero said:
ObnoxiousJockGit said:
Here is the tanker video btw.
my german isnt as good as it used to be - but is the F15 pilot nicknamed the Red Baron ? :lol:
No, Red Baron 20 is the callsign of the Boxheed communications officer. The pilot is Yute(sp) 15.

They have a Red Baron callsign? It's the thin end of the wedge im telling you, Next we will have a sturm Regiment and before you know it the newly reformed Totenkopf division are revving thier engines on the Polish border

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