German soldiers allowed to keep mullets

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by ÐΘΘMWAŦÇĦ, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. Imagine the RSMs reaction to this one if it happened...pmsl


    German soldiers allowed to keep mullets

    German soldiers will be allowed to sport mullets and ponytails after a court ruled army hair regulations were unconstitutional.

    The ruling came after an 18-year-old soldier was locked up in a cell and fined £100 when he refused to chop off his 10-inch ponytail.

    The teenaged recruit only agreed to let army barbers cut his hair when faced with three weeks in solitary confinement, but made a formal complaint at the same time.

    The military court in Munich ruled in favour of the soldier and argued the varying rules for male and female recruits were "unconstitutional" and "incomprehensible".

    It said forcing male soldiers to cut their long hair went against their rights as individuals.
  2. Dutch conscripts could use a hairnet, which is an odd look when you consider the size of most of them.
  3. so how long untill theres hairnets with an NSN?
  4. When one joins the service, one gives up many such rights, doesn't one? Hard to believe he didn't know the rules to begin with.
  5. Deutschland still has a conscript army. So a lot of males are forced into the army. Not much of a choice there to serve or not.
    The Dutch army doesn't have a conscript army anymore and as a result of that you hardly see long hair on a males head nowadays. The males that go regs voluntarily are mostly the ones with a decent haircut anyway.
  6. A mate of mine once asked a group of German colleagues if they were off to an "80's theme party" they were a little taken aback and said "no,why do you ask?" his honest answer of "well what with all the old clothes and you two with mullets I just thought perhaps you were heading to a fancy dress party" -they were not amused,although they laughed about it later.About a year later.
  7. I've seen several films where Dutch plumbers and general handymen have sported mullets,is this a choice of hair style that's standard across the profession? ;)
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    What the fck would you know about it? The IRA do not have particularly strict dress regulations you terrorist sympathising cnut.

    Now go and catch cancer or something similiarly debilitating :evil:
  9. Thanks for the info, Cloggie - as a civilian, I didn't know Deutschland had a draft - but it still doesn't explain the bad taste of having a mullet to begin with!
  10. Well done, Ällsösswätsi, you've managed to shift the debate in the space of a post. If you've an issue with the poster concerned, take it up via PM. Which would, of course, rob you of the pathetic, one-handed applause you hoped to garner with your post.

    The fact that this has been decided over raises some points about the UK treatment of squaddies. I mean, what contravenes "yuman rites" in one EU nation must, by extension, be applicable in others.

    So are we going to see Bridsch Aamee squaddies sueing for the right to have their barnet hanging over their collars? Interesting times indeed.

  11. Just to get the post on some sort of track...pmsl, here are some mullets for our german comrades to Cant believe there is a website dedicated to the mighty mullet...pmsl.

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  12. Sikhs and Muslims in the British army are already exempt from cutting hair (and of course females).
    Personally I think its just an old rule/law that just hasn't been updated. Its not like it has much to do with soldiering skill nowdays (I think Cromwell introduced it for reasons of hygiene).
  13. B@lls! What about smartness, cleanliness, and self-discipline? All are soldierly skills/attributes.
    A queue or ponytail used to be allowed a long time ago, but after Cromwell, that was conformity with norms of the day. You want long hair and you know the rules? Train hard and join THEM.
  14. I'm certain sure that there's a message in there somewhere, Dwarfy. I'm just fücked if I understand it. Sorry about that.

    Did I ever tell you about the time I was training "THEM" and ..... Oops, can't talk about that. Mi dispiace.

  15. Would it not also come under uniformity - a large part of military discipline and safety, as protective masks might not fit correctly?