German Shepherd Dogs taking over from SAS!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Apollonia, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. Oh dear god, I can't believe 4,532 people signed this petition:

    petition site

    I found the link in the UK publication Dogs Today, encouraging people to sign.

    I don't see the point of this petition site - apart from the entertainment factor. And the default font/colour really ought to be green crayon.
  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Where exactly did they get the inspiration for this? If it's not being done or planned already, it's probably giving someone ideas now! Personally I think radio-controlled rats are a better bet. They've already managed brain-wired chips that can turn a rat left and right, and they're less noticeable...

    "Cry HAVOC! and let loose the radio-controlled rats of war!"

    Could be the new tagline for FIST, thinking about it...
  3. Anyone else thinking that this is actually a pretty good idea (the dogs I mean, not the petition).

    Shame they're not training them to go straight in and rip the Taliban apart, at the very least it would provide a good diversion. Bring back the war dogs.
  5. Fido only got the gig coz dog food is cheaper than the ballons and icecream it would have cost if window licking mongs were used...!!!
  6. Why waste a dog, would it not be better to send some thing like Northern Monkey he's useless and wont be missed
  7. Better off sending a rock, you are supposed to be para trained and up there with 'Them', strapping a video camera to you might be a problem though with all that shoite hanging off your cop vests as normal taking up all the room. Besides which the dog can take over from you on the gate at RAF whaterver with minimal training. It should be better at reading the id cards than the average rock as well. :wink:
  8. Is it a joke...? how bloody silly, a flippin great german shepard with a camera on its head for covert yeah coz that is inconspicuous isn't it???? And how will it pull its parachute....dogs don't have aposable thumbs? No no this is all wrong it would have to be a covert cocroach or something.
  9. This is so wrong. Don't the Brass realise that dogs are considered offensive to the people of Islam? What next, pigs trained as frogmen? The PC police will have a field day with this!

  10. well, cheaper and more practical than sharks... with frickin lasers on their heads
  11. Yeah because the RE are renowned for their intelligence aren't they??? bit of methinks.
  12. Yep, we are actually, get back in yer box and stay there till we whistle for you. :wink:

  13. mm perhaps its just 35 that are thick fcukwits then......I am married to one.
  14. Ehh ... actually yes they are ... but you might not see that from the comfort of reception.
  15. Well he did marry you, so you have won that argument on a technicality.