German Satellite TV in UK

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by skintboymike, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. My missus is a boxhead (ever so sorry about that). We moved to UK from Germany 2 years ago, and I brought her satellite receiver and 80cm dish with us. I managed to set it up no problem and my missus has been happy with her Kraut TV. Until now. It's stopped receiving a signal, and I haven't got a clue how to rectify it. It was a cheap set anyway, so I'm not too fussed at the thought of replacing the whole set up.

    To cut to the chase - can anyone recommend a cheap digital receiver which can pick up the German channels straight from the box?
  2. Ah memories of the old skyboxes and softcore German porn on rtl then going to Germany and finding out the birds make the same ooh ja noises when excited
  3. Tell your Doris to try online tv4. There's loadsa Boxheed telly stations on it.

    Chosch diineri Alti au vazähle, dass's se au Schwiizer Färnsäh dort cha lüege.

  4. Why dont you just shat on a glass coffee table and pretend to fix her photocopier, or pretend to be the plumber? No need then, she'll have live TV at home. Save you a fortune! Food for thought.

    Ill get my coat!
  5. I'll change my original question: does anyone know where I can buy a cheap glass coffee table/washing machine that breaks once a week?
  6. online tv 4, beelinetv, etc are all good stopgaps, but I'm looking at buying a satellite receiver as I already have a dish lined up and wired in ready.

    Edited to add; most of the internet streamed channels aren't working properly anyway.
  7. Try wizard satellite, "satdownloads" on the web theres a mass of info on fault finding, Q&A, etc
  8. You say it's stopped receiving a signal. Is the box gefuckt or is it the cable or the LNB? Have a pair of wandering albatrosses made a nest on or close to the dish? Did the dish in fact blow away last Thursday? How long's a piece of string?

    Conrad (or eBay) for the receiver but you need to make sure everything else is working as well.
  9. I have an 80cm dish with twin LNB's to pick up 2 sat's for the missus (Russki). Last year it stopped working. I checked the termination at the sat box, which was good. Didn't have a pair of ladders to check out the sat dish side. Called out a local aerial man. He checked both LNB's were pointing in the right direction, they were. He then checked the co-ax termination at the LNB's and the earth shield had become detached (strong winds probably). Now works perfectly, all for £20!! just tell the guy exactly what you want checking first (terminations, LNB's) and agree a price, job done! I also bought a new sat receiver box off ebay for £35, in case it was the sat receiver. It's still in it's box!!!
  10. Sorry dude but couldnt resist!