German Roman Catholic Church Caught With Their Cassocks Lifted Again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cernunnos, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Under massive pressure to investigate and clean up their act massive organised kiddy fiddling and the associated cover-ups, the Church appointed the Archbishop of Trier to sort it out.

    His problem, he found was that no one actually beleives anything a priest says or writes, the pressure continued to build for a thorough independant investigation.

    Finally they buckled, opened God's own cheque book and hired in a respected independant Criminological Institute based in lower Saxony.

    Now the churches understanding of an independant enquiry, paid for by them, differs somewhat from the general perception of an independant enquiry! They wanted to choose the people appointed to carry out the enquiry and also to be allowed to censor the report! The chief Criminologist has told them to **** right off on both scores (good on him) and they have cancelled the contract in a big girly huff before disappearing in a flash and a cloud of purple incense (indeed they were incensed)!

    Sadly I couldn't find an English language version, no doubt it will appear soon!

    Stopp der Missbrauchs-Zensur: Kriminologe Pfeiffer bietet der Kirche die Stirn - Deutschland - FOCUS Online - Nachrichten
  2. And they wonder why the Catholic Church in Germany is losing members in droves.
    Slightly off topic, google "Archbishop Balduin von Trier". He was a very bellicose 14th century bishop with his own army, who occasionally could be seen in the middle of a battle swinging a sword, who picked a lot of fights with his neighbours (mainly to get their land).
  3. My bold I thought you'd be paying for it indirectly don't you have to pay taxes to the papes deducted from your wages?
  4. We were working in a village near the Dutch border in the late 90`s. One evening the bloke who owned the local florist and his girlfriend, both in their 40`s, started quizing us Brits as to how much tax the Government takes of us to give to the church. When they finally understood that we don`t and bloody well wouldn`t have that, they told us that they had to pay tax (steuer) to the Catholic church. They were both nominally Roman Catholic and wanted to divorce their spouses, but some how or other the Catholic church would not allow this. Having to keep on paying the church tax was really rubbing salt into the wounds.
  5. The church has been robbing people (literaly on pain of death) since it was first conjured up.
    The Roman church is just better at it than the rest, which is why they have their own country and their own bank.
  6. Medievil Bishops here were first and foremost princes and landowners, they were not always even ordained priests!

  7. [​IMG]dpa / dpa / ArchiveThe German Bishops Conference announced renewed the contract with the criminologist Christian Pfeiffer.

    Abuse reconnaissance Christian Pfeiffer stands by its allegations: The Catholic Church wanted to censor the work of his institute.Now announced that he would establish definitely continue.
    "The Catholic Church clearly wanted an opinion to suit your tastes," said Christian Pfeiffer of the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony in the "Passauer Neue Presse" on Thursday."There has been the attempt to censor our work." The religious leaders of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising would want to decide "about our work and the texts" and the "selection of employees". "The German Bishops Conference hadterminated a contract with the Criminological Research Institutethat was to investigate the abuse cases in the Catholic Church fully scientifically.Pfeiffer said the "Passauer Neue Presse", the dismissal lacks justification."I'm surprised the charge loss of confidence as well as the claim that we could not have found agreement on the policy." The criminologist announced to continue its work in any case."For the victims of the stop of the study is very disappointing.We will ask the victim to work with us to grow together. "

    Rift with the project

    The Bishops' Conference had rejected the accusations of censorship."It is wrong and misleading to reproach us, we would not respect the freedom of science," said the bishops' conference.The change of project partner was "strictly personal reasons, in a rift with the project."The President of the Child Protection Agency, Heinz Hilgers, the Catholic Church has agreed to the stop of the research project on child abuse, the desire for enlightenment."I suspect that strong forces in the Catholic Church are now using the method-and-forget forgiveness," said Hilgers the "Saarbrücker Zeitung" (Thursday).Green group leader Renate Künast spoke of a "slap in the face of the victim."It must quickly a new way for the full clarification are found, they demanded in the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung".

    Stop the abuse censorship:criminologist Pfeiffer provides the Church the forehead- weiter lesen auf FOCUS Online: Stopp der Missbrauchs-Zensur: Kriminologe Pfeiffer bietet der Kirche die Stirn - Deutschland - FOCUS Online - Nachrichten
  8. Ta very much, been looking for that all day!

    Other journo sources are quoting accusations that the church has been systematically shredding it's personnel records to hamper the investigations!

    Why am I not surprised!
  9. In 2010 over 190,000 people left the German RC church, largely because of the child abuse stuff, this figure dropped to 126,000 in 2011. For 2012 there are no figures yet, the way its kicking off I suspect 2013 will be another good year.
    The feeling here is that the church is simply playing for time, which of course allows victims and perverts to die in the meantime thus saving them money and embarrassing courtroom stuff.
  10. A good time to remind people the definition of "priest"... Paedophile Ring In Every Small Town.

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  11. One of the reasons why files were destroyed is that Church Law requires this to be done after 10 years. Very convenient. As for Church Tax, which is payable to Catholic and Protestant churches alike, it is alway possible to formally leave the Church and pay no tax. As I pointed out to the desk jockey in the Town Hall that I am Cof E, which does not exist in Germany I was exempt from Kirchensteuer from day one. Sorted.
  12. Fixed pro bono.

    You know that they say; "Once a Catholic, never again"
  13. Sssshhhhhhh....Stummm, if the gay coterie who currently run the Church of England cotton on that there's money in it, they might found a German version!!!!

  14. It is true that 'church tax' is deducted by the state on behalf of both Catholic and Protestant churches, and that you can ask to formally leave the church and no longer pay the tax. Actually achieving that is much more difficult in some States than it is in others, with quite a few 'hoops' to jump through as is the way with German pen pushers. They mostly seem to insist that you convert from one religion to another and then still collect the tax.

    Once you have left the church, if you or any of your family decide that they wish to use the church for any reason (christening, wedding, funeral etc), they will be faced with quite a hefty bill. Germany has always been a country where god is for everyone, as long as you pay. So why wouldn't it also be a place where you can investigate the church, as long as the church can redact the final report?

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