A friend at work and i were chatting the other day about all things green and he mentioned a ring his uncle had given him as a kid, his uncle had told him that he had taken it off a german soldier along with a fob watch,
ive worked out its ww1 rather than ww2 but can anyone tell us any more about it??

Purely by looking at it, and guessing of course, It looks like the german, Prussian, Austro hungarian and turkish flags are displayed on it, so it may be an ally ring! as they were the main alliance against the rest during the first war.
Apart from that, ive never seen one like it before, so cant offer anything more than that, sorry.
Looks like proceeds of crime to me. The granddad was either looting from the dead, or stealing from prisoners.... he should be very proud...
Four flags are Bulgaria, Austro-Hungarian Empire,Turkish and Imperial German so , yeah a central powers "Allied Nations" ring, if I can get any further info i'll edit this!

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