German President Koehler quits amid row over military deploy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pararegtom, May 31, 2010.

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  1. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

  2. Right who did not send him the memo? Honest but rather too honest for German minds me think.
  3. What truth?The man was speaking bollocks,the Krauts had a very good record of re-building and helping the areas they´ve been sent to,they´ve been in Afghanistan a lot longer than Britain has but in a different role.Untill recently all went well untill the incident with the hijacked petrol bowsers that the Officer in charge ordered a strike on.
    The mission had absolutely nothing to do with protecting trade routes,he´s been rambling quite a while now and I suspect he´s been in the job too long and it´s time for him to go.The problem will be getting another decent Prime Minister who realises he´s only there to explain Government policy and not write it.
    Richard Weisacker was brilliant at the job,pity they couldn´t clone him!
  4. The Boxheads have been in Afghanistan since before 2001?
  5. I do agree and my remark was rather flippant but Afghanistan is of vital and strategic importance in regards to future plans for the Cental Asia in some economic minds.
  6. Gerhard Schröder the Chancellor at the time of GW2 and Afghanistan refused to send Combat troops to either areas but sent a large force to Kandahar to help stabilise the area,training local police,building schools and bridges etc,they´ve been there since the Yanks flattened Bora Bora and failed to find Bin Laden.I think the only British forces to go into Afghanistan at that time were the SF element?

    Maybe not before the beginning of the War there but certainly well before the present British deployment in Helmand.
  7. Chap was just trying to come up with a reasonable excuse for the Krauts putting men in harms way:
    It's getting rather hard to justify this long running mission to even naive punters in straightforward terms of terrorism.

    It's a stretch for the UK and looking at what has happened in the Punjab in the past couple of years there is a serious argument that our actions North of the Durand have worsened the long term threat. It's also not clear that we aren't destabilizing Pakistan in the process.

    The risk of domestic attacks in Germany simply isn't that severe. It very plainly emanates from FATA and Turkish groups linked to AQ not Afghanistan.

    Hysterical reactions to failed minor attacks much hyped by DC and London may well cause self inflicted economic damage and inconvenience in Germany. Until there is an attack on the scale of Madrid the average boxhead is not going to be losing much sleep over it.

    But the economy isn't going that great and Germany is a major exporter. Regional instability across the Stans isn't actually a bad argument. There is a long term potential to open the old silk road trade roots and the Stans have a good deal of hydrocarbons. That pipe dream is decades away probably and a very secondary motivation.

    Bonn isn't so keen on the Pentagons fading post Cold War ambitions to nibble at the Kremlin's sphere of influence but opening up the region from India to Kazakhstan and China is something actually worth getting some chaps killed over. Unfortunately this is something that's understood amongst the technocrats and Germany's corporate Junkers that run the place but needed to span at the sandal wearing German public rather more subtly.

    It's a distraction anyway. The Krauts are mainly there to prop up the ailing NATO alliance like the rest of Yurp. Even a harder sell outside of the policy elites still fixated on the distant chance of massed Ivans rushing through the Fulda Gap and needing their Cold War security blanket.
  8. The Germans have been in Afghanistan since at least 2002. The Multi National Engineer battalion was located a few miles down from Camp Souter. There was us, the Spanish and the Italians on one side and some more non Engr Brits and the Germans on the other.
  9. Just been reading a German account of his visit to Kundus,apparently he asked some soldiers if they thought they could ´win´the war out there,an Officer quickly assured him they could but he wanted to know why the ordinary soldiers didn´t answer.

    Obviously the soldiers thought they were there to help the locals and not ´win´ anything,the Bundeswehr has lost 45 men 7 of them recently.After the affair with the petrol bowsers the Government was talking about a more agressive stance in Afghanistan but forget to send the troops heavier vehicles and weapons resulting in more attacks and deaths.They thought Kohler was taking the p*ss,he wasn´t but the damage was done hence the resignation saying that there was not enough respect for his position as President!

    I´d love his pension though!!