german pensions for wives of

has any wife of a serviceman successfully claimed a pension from the german authorities for work on the 'german net' whilst husband stationed in germany ? my wife in process of, but running into obstuction & usual gerry bureaucracy.
Has your wife got a social security number (Sozialversicherungsnummer)?She also needs confirmation of how much has been paid to the authorities and also in which period (Meldung zur Sozialversicherung / Jahresmeldung zur Sozialversicherung).

Without that, she should try and contact her Employer, to get the info. If she was self employed, she should have some proof of how much she paid on insurance.

But if she worked for less than two years (i.e. paid social insurance for less than two years) the amount she will get is less than the effort of trying to claim for it.


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