german pensioner charged for collecting military equipment

A german pensioner (78) is being charged with collecting military equipment (the germans dont like ordinary folk keeping tanks) after police raided his villa in north germany. Among the equipment confiscated was a panther tank (in working order) a torpedo, an anti tank gun and various small arms. In his garden he had statues from the time of the third reich.


That tank looks in fairly good nick. Apart from appearing to have no tracks...
He used it to clear snow in the winter in the local village
I see Ex Stab has posted the same news. Can mods merge the threads please.
He's had that 60 odd years and they've only just rumbled him ?
Can we have it for bovvy please ? Go well with the Tiger...
He was being investigated for an art related crime and the Polizei became involved.
Bet he was 'just a storeman/chef/admin clerk (delete as appropriate).

"I signed them out on a chitty and there was no way I was getting billed for that Panzer, the artwork, well I found it in a barn......... The torpedo, ah yes, the torpedo............"
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Im sure something similar to this has been posted in the army urban myths thread ages ago..maybe its the same bloke and his persec was breached?!
The Burgmeister noticed he mentioned the snow clearing to the papers.
And the Politzei never noticed?
Perhaps until he got done for Art crimes** people turned a blind eye as it was useful.

**Am I alone in thinking that given the rest of his memorabilia his art crime was owning / selling paintings that may have been hung in assorted European galleries or the homes of Les Pietons de la Mer rouge in the late 30s early 40s.

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