German Para boots

Been offered a brand new pair of kraut para boots for 25quid, My lowas serve me fine but could do with a better backup pair for in the field than issue ones.
They any good, worth getting or not?
A mate swears by them but I think the soles are not as good as the vibram ,to soft ,takes less to brake them in though .

Also a slightly wider fit than the standard lowa
I know people who wore those back in the day. If you plan on walking whilst wearing them get some sorbothane insoles; the sole has a negligible shock-absorbing capacity. Better for assault courses than Lowas; bigger heel block.
I had a pair and the got me over a lot of ground up in the hills. Comfortable with support where needed and not over weight. Just stay out of Poland!
yazzledazzle said:
Lowas are just hyped up crap (for the price)
Seeing as you also think the bergan is the best bit of carrying kit, your views might not be taken seriously. Lowas are excellent boots - civ and mil - and have been for years.
German para boots ? How f**king retro is that

Next the question will be is a Norgie jumper better than a softie jacket
I'm just wondering, did these fall out of favour because they aren't "fashionable" anymore or were they only in favour in the first place because they were seen as "ally" or "Gucci" for a while?

Objectively, are they any good?

wellyhead said:
German para boots ? How f**king retro is that

Next the question will be is a Norgie jumper better than a softie jacket

Next you'll be asking about "proper" NI gloves and not gloves combat :wink:
They have got a really hard sole. The tongue seems to vary a bit as well - sometimes really thick and padded, sometimes a bit mean.

I don't think they will let you parachute in them (ironically) - loop eyelets can get caught in rigging, supposedly.

They were a lot better than combat highs. Para boots, lightweights and a Nato parka versus combat highs, heavy cotton lined breeks with the crotch around your knees, and a cotton smock - no contest :D
Are we all talking about the same boot here ?

are these NEW OLD STOCK eg 80s or NEW latests issue german para boots ,(very similar to lowas but no thisulate or gore tex.

If the former discard my original comment
I bet you've still got the dodgy Norgee trousers as well haven't you?

Not really long johns, not really tracky bottoms.
Definitely odd looking.
I found that the soles on mine came apart after about a year. The 'foam' inner part came away from the rubber and it ended up flapping around under my foot.... On an insertion tab... In Brecon.... soon to be followed by the other! I ended up having to use black nasty and duct-tape to hold the heels on.

It looks like while going into the kneeling my back pouches, with my bergan resting on them, pealed the two layers part.

I loved the boots though. However, my new altbergs are lighter and nicer... but far to hot!


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