German Oak Shrank

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by doctordeath, Dec 2, 2004.

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  1. Recently put a large oak german shrank on e-bay if anyones interested!!

    Check it out using Oak Shrank in the find
    Cheers DD :)
  2. Nice wallpaper! :lol:
  3. Thanks mate but we have moved now and it was the wifeas choice not mine.!!!!! :oops:
  4. Thanks for the link buddy. Yes it is a bit big isn't it!!!!!!!! :roll:
  5. no bids yet then!!
  6. Your local Harvester or similar chav pub might take it off your hands
  7. Or a local pensioner. It is getting very cold isn't it. Should burn a treat.
  8. No no bids yet but you know the way e-bay goes, everyone wants a last second bargain, me included. But at the end of the day if it dosen't sell I can always put it in the bedroom of my new house and use it as a display cabbinett!! Bony-M if your shoebox is too small you can have the one the shrank is in for 82 & half K, and i'll throw the shrank in for fee.!!!!! :wink:
  9. you have a house for sale for 82.5 k, that is big enough to fit that thing in? Where the hell is it? Baghdad :wink:

  10. No Near Mansfield mate, bit like Bagdad but the locals are a little friendlier!!! no by much though! :D
  11. Uurgh. Do you live in a Funeral Parlour?