German MoD and the Night Of The Long Knives

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FourZeroCharlie, May 7, 2017.

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  1. Well, not as such, but . . .

    The following BBC headline caught my attention:

    Germany searches all army barracks for Nazi material - BBC News

    "Inspections have been ordered at every German army barracks, after Nazi-era memorabilia was found at two of them.

    The defence ministry said the command came from the inspector general of the Bundeswehr (Germany's armed forces).

    All barracks will be searched for material linked to the Wehrmacht, the army which served Adolf Hitler. . ."

    I found this intriguing as, on my last visit to Infanterieschule Hammelburg the emphasis (certainly in the museum) was to avoid like the plague anything remotely resembling the Swastika: all period uniforms and decals, papers, banners and flags had the Hakenkreuz covered, in line with German law.

    However, the other historical emblems and ceremonies associated with the German/Prussian Army (particularly, the Infantry) seemed to dodge the bullet. One example being the Oath of Allegiance, sworn before the Infantry Rock (a bluddy great boulder), during an evening torch lit ceremony. Only a shade of nod to a 1933 Munich rally, there.

    Another facet was, certainly amongst the older and ranking training staff was that, whilst they would tick the various Don't Mention The War boxes when working, with a beer or two in them (and as long as they felt comfortable in your company), they would happily trot out songs from the Wandervogel era.

    Wandervogel - Wikipedia

    To us Brits, such stuff was mildly amusing: however, the Wandervogel movement ended the war with an indifferent press as it was perceived that large elements of the movement had a too strong Nationalistic theme embedded in it.

    For those of you with more recent contact with the Heer, is there now a resurgence of overt Nazi-lite feeling?
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  2. What about those Panzers buried under the Parade Square?

    On a more serious note I remember several messes had left over Nazi decorations, Hildesheim for one had wall paintings an I am sure many other had legacy art. Do the vandals intend destroying these?
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  3. In his book "Wings on my Sleeve", the late Capt Eric "Winkle" Brown RN spun a good dit about his time as the Defence Attache in West Germany, sometime in the 50s or 60s I think.

    Anyways, in the course of his official duties he was invited to a Mess Dinner at a Luftwaffe or Bundeswehr base, I forget which. Much essen und bier is partaken of, and they retire to the bar for more drinkies & mirth, as you do. At one point, one of the senior Germans makes the call "Zu der zimmer" - literally "To the Room". Winkle then explains that they all headed down through a maze of corridors to a small room in the back of the Mess, similar to where we'd keep the silver, or old paintings or whatever nowadays.

    This room had been kept as a cross between a tribute and a museum to the Fuhrer and his days of glory. Much raising of glasses and toasts later, they left and went back to the bar. Winkle said he was gobsmacked, and he reported it officially through British diplomatic channels on his return to the office on the Monday. He never found out if anything ever came of his complaint.
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  4. Do you mean 'vandals' or 'Vandals'?
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  5. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

    Them helmets have a distinctly Teutonic look about them, and as for the torchlight marching? Triumph Der Willans Redux

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  6. Capital V then and the Goths
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  7. Typical Navy killjoy.
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  8. modern-gothic-style-simple.jpg

    Nah, I'm not seeing it . . .

    Back to Himmelburg, early 2000: just before we arrived, the camp had just had a bit of bad press as they had hosted a trio of Ritterkreuzträger for a slap-up feed and lashings of pop. Things might have worked out OK except one the old boys had served in the SS. If I remember correctly, the then Brigadier General lost his job over the affair.
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  9. Posted back in another thread in November last, they were doing all this back then and stumbled across circa 20 real baddies, as in beardy types gaining (maybe further) military training and access to weapons and explosives.
    All gone quiet on this front since then though, I wonder where they have gone?

    Report: German military intelligence finds 20 Islamists in Bundeswehr | News | DW.COM | 05.11.2016
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  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I think it was Bundesmarine, at Kiel.
  11. If the Bundeswehr have a Public Relations department they're not up to snuff.
  12. In all fairness, I bet the rank and file knew about this, Can hardly blame them for swanking around some old Wermacht gear, Nazis may well be undesirable but I bet theranks back then never had to put up with Islamic Waltentruppe running amok under diversity orders.

    Hugo Boss?
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  13. Yes, and I think it was an old codgers private club rather than a Mess, but chasndave is correct with the story from the book.
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  14. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

    Dressed to kill....
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