German Mobiles

Hello all,

I am due to be posted to Germany shortly and was wondering what will be the best opion for mobiles:

1. Keep my Uk contract will Euro blot on
2. Get German Sim card on PAYNGO
3.German Contract?

Any advise please
Pay as you go phones are very popular here. I use Aldis own card, charges 13c a minute. Contracts are best for those who use the phone a lot.
only go contract if you use it a lot, and are definitely doing 2 yrs or more.
their contracts are 24 mths, with payments to be made even if posted early


get a Simyo here in germany..mega cheap and belongs to the E plus group, so coverage is guaranteed.

Other than that get a pre paid.

Do not get T mobile they are fk off expensive, although they are good, my company phone is T mobile, but they are paying so hey ho who cares :D
Be very careful if you take out a German contract. As stated, you may be tied in to a 24 month contract, and if you manage to get a 12 month contract, at the 12 month point, it rolls over to a new 12 month contract. Basically, you can only get out of it by terminating on the anniversary. PAYG will be fine, Aldi is cheap, and even cheaper if you text other Aldi users.
if you can keep your english mobile put in a german sim and away you go just make sure your phone is unlocked sim are easy to get and most calls and text rates over here are cheaper then the uk lot!
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