German Military Mulls Scrapping Sex Ban on Bases

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. From a couple of news sources.....

    German soldiers who are in relationships with each other will be able to sleep together in barracks and on foreign missions.

    Peter Struck, the defence minister, said the new guidelines applied to homosexual as well as heterosexual couples. They were necessary to reflect "social normality".

    Until now, sex between married or cohabiting servicemen has been forbidden in barracks and on operations at home and abroad.

    The change was announced after protests from several Social Democrat MPs who said that the ban on cohabitation in barracks was putting women off becoming soldiers.

    There was also growing criticism in military circles that the ban on sexual relations, which was imposed to safeguard order and discipline, was "hostile to life".

    Senior officers argued that married couples living in barracks should not face disciplinary proceedings if they had relations while they were off-duty.

    The defence ministry dismissed a suggestion that the new rules would lead to a distraction from or a dereliction of duty.

    A spokesman said: "It is more likely that people would become distracted if this were not permitted and couples were not allowed to say goodnight properly. Sexuality is a part of being a human being regardless of whether you wear a uniform."

    Last year women soldiers made 83 claims of sexual abuse. The spokesman said strict control of the new rules would help stop abuse.

    Now I know the Tchermans are a little different. However, say this comes to a base near you? Discuss.
  2. Lets be very honest here, its been happening in the AMS for years, hetero and homo!

    From a small corps point of view, it will not affect us at all. Infantry, big Army a different kettle of fish altogether!
  3. And to think I've been saying 'Goodnight' incorrectly all these years! Seriously, doesn't this sort of thing go on all the time already? I have served in Regiments where lesbian couples are permitted to share rooms, in barracks and on ops. Not sure if the system would be quite so obliging to male homosexuals, though! :D
  4. I hope we don't adopt such a refreshingly sensible view - can you imagine it? 21st Century attitudes would surely undermine our policy of placing male and female accommodation out of bounds to members of the opposite sex, and instigating disciplinary action against those who might dare to start a relationship with someone.

    If we start allowing people some happiness in their private life where would it all end?
  5. I have nothing against allowing relationships to develop, and letting soldiers visit friends in their rooms, whether they're male or female. I think the reason why this policy will work in the Bundeswehr is that the average German is a little more mature than their British counterpart!

    I'm now bracing myself for the inevitable slagging! :D
  6. Au contraire; I think you are correct. Quite apart from the maturity issue, the German forces took a realistic view of retention long ago. Other than the conscripts, their professional personnel get a very good deal. Their resettlement package, in particular, is superb. The PC brigade have penetrated partly, however - the conscripts have a direct to MOD complaint line!
  7. Quite frankly it has been going on for years, so we may as well legalise it. The difficulty may arise when someone is gang - raped (or claims to be) inside an accommodation block. The inevitable media frenzy would be extremely damaging.