German Man Meat Restaurant


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With a thread title like that Jarrod will be along soon.
Aaah, I see the error in my titling now.

Maybe some sort of disclaimer can be added....

Actually, sod it, its the naafi.
And this in the Nation that banned British Beef for fear of Mad Cow Disease - don't they know CJD is transmitted through cannibalistic practices?

(P.S. It could only happen in Berlin . . . . )
It's in the telegraph, it must be true.
I'll donate my cock. Eat me and Bon Appétit cabbagehead fuckers.
There's a couple in Blackpool who should be donated to the menu!
There'll be a good few meals to be had from Sutcliffe and Huntley too. Marinate and butcher them whilst alive,adds to the piquancy.
I suppose we could always donate some random lettuce muncher ... after all, everyone has a vegetarian option these days. Bugsy still around?
How would their menu read? Foreskin calamari anyone?
The sheer number of obese chavs would keep them in dripping for decades.

What about kosher/halal requirements? Specially-bred human livestock? It's not as though the Hun doesn't have form where eugenics is concerned.

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