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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by localsgt, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. Could any please tell me what a Sgt with 2 children gets in LOA for Germany as I am due to be posted there is July.

    Loads of Thanks in advance,
  2. You could look yourself on the SPVA website! But I did it for you, you will get £27.12 a day.
  3. Thanks, I really do appreciate it! Would have looked myself but stuck in Hospital after nasty RTA, but the thought was always there!

  4. Don't spend it all at once though ! :D
  5. are you posted as acting, sub or local?
  6. Substantive! (the username is old!)
  7. Does he who lives in the sluice have a link to a website with current LOA rates? I couldn't find find one on the SPVA website.
    Come on spill the beans.

    (Standing by to be insulted)
  8. could someone attach the doc? link?


    What does a Sub WO2 Married Unacc get?(no kids)
  9. if you are married unaccompanied you will get the single rate of loa
  10. Links can be found on the JPA page - before you get to the login page!