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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by thesmellofnapalm, May 28, 2010.

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  1. I bought a house in Germany while serving here, I've had letters complaining about the patch of grass out the front ,(outside my garden on the street) apparently I'm supposed to mow it and I've had some tw*t knock on the door threatening my missus and saying we have 14 days. Well I have been quite busy away in the UK on PDT so I have neglected it. I've now cut it but what exactly can they do if I don't? Anyone have any knowledge on this? I live in Hasselhorst near Hohne camp
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Well as you own the house I would suggest you make peace with the natives.
    Grab a German speaker if you are not up to it, and explain to the neighbour that you are overseas on business often without notice, but you will try and keep on top of it.

    There are various minor legal aspects, but basically you don't need the hassle do you?

    I have a place in 3 countries, top tip, it is a lot easier when you are known as Mr Nice, even if they are in the wrong I smile and keep 'em sweet - it pays off over time.
    If you have not got rechtsschutzversicherung get it - make sure it covers the property ownership as this is often excluded.
  3. Following on from Alsacien's advice - which is spot on by the way - do the insurance thing asap if not already covered. When the Germans go legal on you,, it is expensive. Rechtschutz is fairly cheap, but it can save you from financial "deep shit" if you ever have to use lawyears/solicitors.

    As for your responsibilities, if you live in a side road (i.e. not at the edge of a Bundesstrasse), you are responsible for the clearance (grass cutting, leaves, general tidiness) of the area from the edge of your property to the middle of the road. That includes any public paths or thoroughfares that border your property, regardless if they are located at the front, side or back of your plot.

    The local authorities used to clean it up years ago, but in an attempt to save local council budgets, by-laws got passed making this tidy up work the responsibility of property owners and tenants. They tend to run a roadsweeper down the roads a few times a year and do some drain maintenance aswell, the rest is now your concern.

    Try and find out what the exact rules are for your area, don't take it as read that your neighbour knows all the regulations, he might be interpreting them wrongly.

    If you get a warning letter from the council or "Ordnungsamt", then react swiftly to it or you may recieve a fine or even have legal proceedings initiated against you.

    If some random civvy has come to the house and verbally abused your wife, then go have a chat with him (don't batter him - yet :twisted: ) and let him know that you will report him to the Police the next time he does it.

    Unlike the UK, the German Police do respond to a call outs of this nature, they do take the time to check out the facts and will issue a caution to the gobshite if need be.

    Hope this helps ...
  4. the_boy_syrup

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