German Insignia. Any Ideas????

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by mattmo74, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Anyone any Ideas about these???

    Sorry don't know where else to ask

    A collegue whose father was in the forces during that little conflict of 39 -45 asked if I could identfiy the unit.

    He thinks that his dad was in the Luftwaffe, and was told he was in Flak.
    He was also told that he was captured by the spams in France and held in amongst other places Fort Knox.

    Any help appreciated



  2. Could be the something like a German Labour Corps, pre war insignia, I've seen somthing like that in old pre war film footage.
  3. Organisation Todt?
  4. Nope, some have aleady identified it correctly, they are insignia of the Reichsarbeitsdienst a paramilitary labour corps which was a compulsory 1 year thingy similar to the labour battalions of soviet era!

    Note the badges on the "soldiers" arms - they equal those in the pictures and depending on the numbers (which denote unit) can be attractive and valuable collectors pieces!
  5. I see, so the RAD was a pre-war uniformed civilian outfit, whilst the OT was specifically a wartime set-up?
  6. The RAD was IMO one of the TR's better ideas. A pre-national service kind of thing which served to give the state a nice big pool of labour (The RAD was involved in a lot of big construction projects like the building of the autobahns and draining marshlands). It also conducted pre-military training so the kids learnt some of the basics, including drill only they did it with spades instead of rifles. That meant they were already half trained once they did their military national service.

    Any photos or further info of his time in the luftwaffe?
  7. Thanks for the the info. My mate at work is well impressed. :D

    Sorry no further information is available atm. As far as we know no other Photographs exist.

    If anything comes to light I'll try and get it posted.