Builds German Infantry Battle for France 1/35th scale Diorama.

Reminds me of my first 1/72 Hasegawa Sdkfz 251 when I was 10....with the overlapping road wheels and my clumsy mitts when I had finished there was more glue than plastic....
'Kin 'Ell madness.
yes agreed, I agree with PE when it's used to replace a kit part that is too thick or wrongly shaped, but for the sake of it I can't fathom it, those pe bits could have been molded with the rest of the plastic.

Like this seat base, fair enough, but it's big and easy to bend to a set of right angles, if it were plastic it might be too frail.
pe seat base b.jpg

drivers seat.jpg


that was bonkers, I was wrong with the parts numbers per suspension Bogie, it wasn't 12 parts it was 14. Crazy, that's 108 components for the Bogies both sides, I'm glad that's done. I would not recommend this kit to a Beginner, It was difficult for me and I've made one or two.
suspension bogies fitted.jpg
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the next difficulty is fitting the internal components. There looks to be plenty of room, with it empty. Left to right, gear box and engine, heat shield, fan box. fuel tank.
gearbox space.jpg
The question is why??? not you sticking it together, but for whatever person came up with the idea in the first place
the pe suspension parts were not necessary at all, they could have made them in plastic far more effectively, but there may be a grain of truth in what Robin says, they can say we have so many PE parts to go in the kit.
pe and descals.jpg
the tracks are the link and length type, much less fiddley than individual links all the way around, the length is provided for the straight portions and links for the curves.
track diagram.jpg

first length fitted over the top of the return rollers and individual links to go around the Sprocket wheel. I find that it's best to glue the twelve links together, while they are still pliable, place them in the curve using the sprocket as a mold.
track a.jpg
the hull top taken off again and the drivers hatch fitted out in the open position.
drivers hatch.jpg

despite the knockout pin marks on the inside surface o the hatch, I'm impressed with the level of hatch details, considering the lack of, in the Black Label Saladin kit. The pin marks will be filed with Mr surfacer.
drivers hatch ko marks.jpg
turret and upper hull painted in grey primer, the turret top is not bonded down yet as the interior of it will be painted white and will be visible from the open rear hatch.
hull and turret primer b.jpg
I missed this one. I was going to say ‘is it finished’ as you started on Saturday then I jumped to page three and I see you are just about fished.

it’s a few minutes since you posted, so...... is it finished now?
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