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Having been posted out in germany for a good number of years i start to go and watch the german icehockey team The Krefeld Pinguine and have loved every match that i have managed to go and see. Have others watched the sport here in germany and what are your opinions on it.


I used to play when I was a kid, but stopped when I joined up. I'm sure that the RHF (as was) had a team on the go for a while as did another unit more recently (RLC?). I'm not sure what the state of play is in Germany with Army teams nowadays, but I am led to believe that some of the lads over in BATUS donned the kit and played. Cracking sport, but when I started , very few people in the UK had even heard of it and the league was quite small and very amateurish, which wasn't a bad thing. It's all too 'American' in the UK nowadays, which I suppose keeps it entertaining for the crowds, but it's not my thing. I used to watch the local Berlin league in the mid 80's. There's no way I'd even attempt to get back on the ice nowadays as I'd probably do myself a mischief. Good entertaining sport though. If you've got kids, get them along with you and if you speak the lingo, find out if there's a peewee team and get them involved. It's great fun, but you've got to spend a bit of time stopping them from emulating the adults and knocking f*ck out of each other.
AAC, REME, RLC, RN /RM and 6xRAF teams exist ...and play at the TriServices tournament each June in Sheffield.

All teams play in the English Ice Hockey Association 'Rec League'

There are also some Inf, RA, RAMC and AGC players attached those teams.. With rumours of AGC and RA teams coming soon

(Iirc, the Army will be creating an 'Army Cup' sometime in 09)
Back in 03 krfefeld won the DEL championship for the first time in 50 years and it was like the whole city just went loopy that was one crazy day we beat cologne Haie. Its a pity that the sport is not as good in the uk even at the top level. I would reccomend to anyone based here in germany to if they have never been to a game go once its something different and its a fantastic experience.

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