German Health and Safety Video

i worked in a factory once, and every now and then i would have to drive a "high-low". we had to take a saftey video too, but it was rather boaring. i dont drive a high-low anymore that factory moved to a third world country.

was this video a parody?
Well a revamped and re-mastered version on DVD is available in German electrical stores like Saturn and MediaMarkt (equivilent to Comet and Curry's). I've not seen it in it's new form, but it may be an option to those who want permanent proof that the 'Kartonköpfe' really do have a sense of humour.
Klaus is a fcuking walking safety hazard!

This is hilarious. As the note said, I'd never sleep through another safety class if we had videos like this.
You would thought they would have sacked the useless fecker after the first few incidents. I suppose the moral of the story is don't lose your head or perhaps don't employ Klaus !!!!

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