German Hard Bastard Dies.

Bert Trautmann who played 17 minutes of Manchester City's 1956 FA Cup final win with a broken neck has died.

He served on the Eastern Front for three years during WWII as a Fallschirmjager, gaining 5 medals including the Iron Cross. After becoming a POW on the Western Front, he was imprisoned in a camp in Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. He refused repatriation after the war and went on to play over 500 times in goal for Manchester City.



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I've never come across anything about Trautmann that was anything other than greatly to his credit. There was a fantastic programme about him and the hostility he faced when he first played for Man City - his personality and ability brought them round in the end.
He was one of my childhood heroes. What a wonderful guy and may he rest in peace


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I recall watching the 1956 FA cup final when he broke his neck. He wasn't diagnosed until days later. He did say that he couldn't remember any of the game after the incident and played on auto pilot.
Genuinely nic bloke.

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There was a short report with a short B&W film clip of the broken neck incident on German TV tonight. Ordinarily football would not interest me, however this bloke sounds like he was exceptional by any mans standards.
Documentary On Yesterday NOW - 20:00-21:00 BST Friday

Seen it before, lots of interesting clips, one of the higher quality docs ISTR
I saw a program about him on TV some time ago. He seemed to be a decent bloke and a man in the old Stanley Matthews mould - a gent on and off the pitch as well as having done his bit (albeit for the other side) in WW2.

To paraphrase an old joke, having been beaten at the German national game, Bert Trautmann came over here and had a go at beating the British at theirs...




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For those who don't have time to follow the links, this is all you need to know about the man:

“My education only began the day I arrived in England,” Trautmann recalled. “People were so kind and decent, they didn’t see an enemy prisoner, they saw a human being. The British made me what I am ... When I visit Germany, they say to me: 'Be honest, you’re English through and through’. And I’m mighty proud so to consider myself. I come back four or five times a year and always think 'Great, I’m home.’”
Just watching the programme on Yesterday+1, if you look in the dictionary for the word legend, there should just be a picture of this man.
RIP Bert
What a legend.
His gongs will be worth a bit, an OBE, Iron Cross mit Fally eagle and FA Cup Winners. A rare group to say the least. :)

PS Bob Wilson 71! God I feel old.

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