German gunman 'kills four in Karlsruhe eviction'. Here we go again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by redshift, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. It won't upset the krauts that much, they had a national seviceman do a shooting spree in the mid 90's and they let him out recently.
  2. Well, I live in a very rural village in western Germany and many of my neighbours are farmers (or ex-farmers) who have hunting licences. Also target shooting is quite popular in rural areas over here, with most smalltowns having their gun club with a firing range, at least for handguns and .22 calibre rifles.
    I think this also helps to keep the villages relatively crimefree, because a burglar won´t know if he might get greeted by a double barrelled 12 gauge.
    There are many legal hoops to jump through to get a gun licence though. The grenades the killer in this case allegedly owned would be highly illegal anyway and with a criminal history he would lose his right to own firearms (in Germany a licenced hunter can own up to 5 longarms, rifles and shotguns, and up to two handguns).

    As for myself, I own a blackpowder replica Sharps rifle in .54 (anybody above 18 can own singleshot blackpowder weapons, as long as they don´t use metal cartridges, e.g. muzzleloaders or early breechloaders, like the Sharps), but I couldn´t get arrsed to get a black powder licence yet. I´d also like to own a live SMLE and shoot it from time to time at the range, but for me the main obstacle would be that I would have to join a gun club and take regularly part in competitions. While I like to punch holes into cardboard from time to time and to improve my skills, I don´t intend to participate in Bisley, as an aquaintance does (he is the president of a gun club and AFAIK among the top 50 in Europe with the SMLE. By profession he is a judge).
    Well, this autumn I will go to the range in the Philippines with my future brother-in-law, who is a paramilitary cop there. Last time I bought the ammo and we spent a day shooting his sidearms (a .45 Spanish clone of the Colt Model 1911 and some 9mm pistol, of which I can´t remember the make). Maybe this time he will bring his old M16A1. At least my Missus is not scared of guns, but actually enjoys shooting and IMO has a talent for it.
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  4. bailiff and locksmith wanted
    c/o karlsrhue county council
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    I must admit, every time I see these things, my first thought is always, "I hope he is not a legit FAC holder".
  6. There were a few cases during the last ten - fifteen years, where either legit licence holders (like the guy now, or the killer of Erfurt) or family members of a legit licence holder got illegaly hold of e.g. Daddy´s gun and went on a rampage. There exists a movement in Germany as well to ban privately owned firearms (I´ve read something about 2-3 million registered legal firearms in private hands in Germany, not to mention at least the same amount of illegal guns)
  7. Can't have been your typical Countryside Alliance type, he didn't shoot the social worker.

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  8. I did't see any mention of grenades in the local rag (Rheinische Post) nor was there any mention of him being in lawful posession of the firearms. No doubt the Greens will have another outbreak of rabies.
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  9. There's something fishy in that's didn't say 'Kalashnikov' anywhere.
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    Or assault weapons?
  11. Loads of those still floating about from the end of USSR days, I was travelling to Poland regularly then, I had relations in the SW area living on a farm near a couple of Soviet bases, the soldiers regularly used to sneak out to barter food, they were'nt normally allowed out to mix with the civpop..anyway I digress.. when they were pulling out they were selling/bartering what they could, some of my distant cousins who were 'crimibals' and who were(allegedly) bartering 'aquired' highend german cars for reexport to the USSR, being paid(allegedlly) with a more refined version of the Afgahn 'cash' crop and AK's & Makarovs..and god knows what else, I personally saw 5/6 Maks. delivered in a suitcase by a uniformed Soviet officer.
  12. On reflection this incident reminds me of a similar one that occured a couple of years ago in Niederkrüchten, just down the road from here. The killer lured the lawyer and baillif into a trap and shot them along with a couple of other people who had incurred his wrath.
    As far as the lawyer and baillif are concerned some might say good drills.
  13. You kind of went off on a tangent there.
  14. Nor me on Spiegel on line English section