German goods in the UK.. Prices up or down due to euro shennannigans ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by detmold_padbrat, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. My fellow arrsers, of an economic bent. Does the panel think that German made engineering products will vary in price due to eurozone difficulties with Britain ? what is the likely upshot over the coming months pricewise ? Conversely, what is the likely/possible effect on my German customers buying from me here in the UK, more or less expensive ? more restricitons on UK goods going into the eurozone?.. I ask this because Norweigens have to pay loads of VAT and customs on there imports from UK.

    These are very serious and somewhat "grey" questions..... I promise promise promise, that tommorrow I will be back in the Naffi, looking at tits bums et al.. and that specialism of arrse.. the beloved poo story. D_P
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The exchange rate has been between Euro 1.10 -1.20 to the £ for the last year, 1.18 not a lot of change.

    I buy a lot from UK 'cos its cheap, the Euro is still at least 20% over valued IMO. But you may struggle with conservative German consumerism, as things are not likely to start to stabilize before mid-year.
  3. Having a weak pound/strong Euro is ace news for British Manufacturers who Export, shame there was so little of them left eh!
    Those that are left are going to get humped silly when the Euro falls on it's arse, very not good news really, still Dave Cameron can let the "city" boys get their shit on!
  4. When the euro was first kited, one argument was that right across the EU prices would be instantly comparable. Why this had any credence given to it beats me; some parts of every country are cheaper or more expensive than others, lunch in Paris, lunch in Chateauneauf-sur-Charente, one was more expensive in Francs, still is in euros.

    As far as the UK goes we seem to be consistently ripped off by foreigners, and our own; for example, people worked out that you could take a day trip to France, have a days sight seeing, eat out, get your Citroen serviced at a Citroen garage and it would still be a better deal than the UK Citroen network. Result? UK Citroens must be serviced by UK dealers or lose your warranty.

    UK customs taking it on themselves to impose limits as to what you can bring back, tax paid, from the single EU market, despite this being dubious practice at best.

    Overall we'll still get ripped off by Europe, Japan, and the USA. Its an old tradition, or charter, I forget which.

    As long as I can still get half a dozen Oysters and a glass of passable white wine for breakfast for 4 euros I don't care.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Don't worry, sheep should hold their value....
  6. Indeed they do, most Welsh lamb ends up as Kebabs in Spain. Ironically it's quite dear here.
  7. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Some years ago I noticed a trend with petrol prices, it went something like this ;

    (1) The pound is a little weak at the moment, consequently the price of petrol will go up.
    (2) The pound is a little too strong at the moment, consequently the price of petrol will go up.

    It's something to do with the mysteries of economics, any variation and the price will go up.

    To the OP, I think you have your answer.
  8. thanks to all for imput. I think the adage is right, if you ask 3 economists a question you get 4 answers !!
  9. One good thing that it did bring was if you could be bothered then you can compare the prices of goods sold by multinationals in varying countries and it actually is possible to get things cheaper. There was a TV show that did this for Ikea and the difference in prices for the same bit of tat between Germany, Holland, Belgium and France was shown and there was a big difference.

    What they didn't bother mentioning was the extra price you would have to pay for delivery or going and picking it up :)

    Mind you if you live in Germany then get yourself across the border to Holland if you want anything from a chemists as it is about a quarter the price.
  10. Does it matter if German products go up in price or down? You should be boycotting them with all the zeal of "Bomber" Harris presented a three day clear Met forecast for the Ruhr and a 100% availability report from his engineers...
  11. cant mate... they DID win the war, and their abraisives and tools are the only option... besides I may get a free pair of black leather shorts as I buy so much off them...
  12. zer kamps mit him!
  13. A lot of french now do day trips to Dover and stock up on cheap goods in Tesco etc, how times have changed. Funny thing though is Dover is not littered with cheap booze cash and carry warehouses!