German girl wants to chat to british soldiers

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by majortrouble72, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys.

    39 yr old cute blonde wants to chat and get to know if you are in germany let me know :) until then...stay safe whereever you are
  2. Hahahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahaha. Dann beweis erstmal, dass Du auch Deutsch kannst. WAH.
  3. ja was soll ich dir denn schreiben hm?
  4. If you want to chat, just enter the NAAFI chatroom.
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  5. alright...i will try to find it...just registered here so i might take a while lol
  6. ok...its loading but then it say i have been banned...geez i havent said a word yet so how come im banned already lol
  7. German girl wants to chat to British soldiers?

    You're in the wrong place for that my dear. The best this site can offer you is some old blokes, some fat Gareths, a wannabe plod and an Afghan male prostitute who wanks while watching Rambo 3.
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  8. Versuchs nochmal, vieleicht musst du deinen user/password nochmals eingeben.
  9. because of all your other monikers that were banned using the same ip?

    how are your pressure sores doing btw?
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  10. Or maybe not bother, as it's a crap wind up!
  11. habs nochmal läd und sagt mir dann ich wäre gebanned...außerdem sagt er mir ich soll irgend ein file runterladen...wenn ich darauf clicke kriege ich eine warnung meldung nach der nächsten....schade eigentlich :(
  12. i am beginning to think that that is exactly what it is...keeps telling me im banned..then says i need to download something...whateveeeeeeeeeeeeer...any of you guys got facebook?
  13. Versuchs einfach mittles der "chat" funktion oben an der seite zwischen "groups" und "directory". Was erhoffst Du Dir auf dieser Seite zu finden?
  14. Ummm, you put yours on first?