German, French and British Army?????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tango34, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. So i see from tonights "New at Ten" that our amazing "Leader" has turned the armed forces over to a 3 way control of Germany, France and UK. Lets me get this right?

    France - Didn't want to go to Gulf 2, and even spent time in the War spying on British Troops and passing the data to the Enemy.

    Germany - As above!

    So we now can completely trush the above countrys to lead this great nations force in all things military?

    My only question has to be......

    I belive that we have signed up as CROWN Forces and not Labour Forces, so for Blair to take us in did he have the Queens go ahead? If not is this treason? Can I / We refuse to follow an order from France / Germany as they arn't the head of GB? To refuse to soldier, on an unlawfull order is within our rights, so as we have sworn ourselves to the Crown, any orders given by the NEW European Armed Force, that hasn't come directly from the Crown would be an unlawfull order?
  2. Although you swore to serve the Queen, the bad news is that you also swor to serve the elected government. If the no-hopers in the labour party say you have to fight for the lower house of the inner mongolian bad breath party....... you're on your way east..... you signed on the dotted line :-(
  3. Nobody swore to serve the elected Government. The Government serves Parliament, we serve Parliament and the will of Parliament, not the Government.
  4. you said you would obey the orders of those appointed by the queen to have command over you. Unfortunatley that includes elected representitives
  5. from oath certificate

    ''will observe and obey all orders of her majesty, her heirs and successors and of the generals and officers set over me''
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yep, seems fair to me. 'General' seems pretty obvious, and as a trog I can only understand 'officer' to mean some bloke holding a commission......

    Therefore, Poke it Tone !
    (goes for the frogs & boxheads too)
  7. No he hasn't. If you can't understand the concept of a task force involving units from different countries - why weren't you horrified by NATO? And why aren't the Yanks up in arms because 15MEU went in under the command of a British formation? Not just that, decisions on employing an EU task force will be made unanimously - just as in the Nato Council - so if one state says no, no dice.
  8. So lets get this right,

    If GB and or the USA decide to go to war together again and

    France say no ( They "might" be involved with the country in question ).

    We can't go?

    But if France want to go to war and we say no they will just send in 2 REP??

    That seams fair dosn't it?
  9. Apologies for my ignorance, but can someone clear this up for me?
    Are we saying that the hun and the crapauds now have control over our forces? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Tad confused... :?
  10. You're confused - I have this strange feeling that I want to invade Poland and an even stranger feeling that I then want to invade France and surrender to myself.
  11. The Government has no power over anything and anything they propose, anything they suggest, or anything they say they will do, needs to be ratified by Parliament. Bliar is one man with one vote out of 650 in Parliament.

    Why do you think he would've resigned if he would have lost the vote in Parliament to go into Iraq? It's because he had ONE vote for himself. Parliament made the decision, NOT the Government. The only elected body with any power over the army is Parliament, not the Government, and Parliament as a whole, of which the Government is only the executive, makes the decisions.

    Bliar has no rank in the armed forces, unlike the Pres of USA who is CinC, and doesn't even have to be saluted by the lowest of the low, and technically the generals and chief of staff can gainsay him, the GOvernment, and Parliament with the Monarchys assent.

    Why is our system so difficult to understand? This isn't the USA, Bliar and the Government have no military role.
  12. Part of the negotiations on the EU constitution sees the national veto being abolished and qualified majority voting coming into effect, meaning there will be no veto.

    On present numbers we would not have gone into Iraq at all if qualified majority voting had made the decision.

    Bliar can say he has red lines over defence and foreign policy, and taxes, but once we get rid of the veto, hard fought for by Thatcher, and later Major at Maastricht, and which he has already pretty much given away, his red lines won't mean fckall because we would have no choice but to abide by the vote of the majority.

    It's a fcking con and why he is so shyte scared of giving the people a referendum on the EU constitution, but once its passed, all power pretty much goes to Europe.
  13. Once Bliar signs up to the new EU constitution, and the EUgoes over completely to qualified majority voting, yes, pretty much.
  14. Macks said:
    give it a couple of years and the europeans will have control of all of our Rapid Response Company( formly known as HMF). because that's all we will need alledgedly, technology will do the rest.
  15. WHAT?
    Who on earth is letting this happen? Surely Blair must realise that no-one wants to sign up to this new EU Constitution, and by forcing it upon the country, he is effectively signing his death warrant as PM?