German Fraus Vs Brit Birds

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by g2_rocketman, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Been back to england recently and noticed how slutty our chicks look of a fri/sat night in comparison to the deutcher fraulines Ive become used to. Granted there are advatages for some to having some fat single mum from Rochdale jump all over them on a sat nite whilst eating a xxxl kebab, but I wondered what the thoughts of my fellow arrsers were. Please discuss.
  2. but at least they shave armpits ,, the average eva braun dont..
  3. Actually i think thats a bit of a missconception, I cant say Ive seen many of that ilk this millenium though I have seen a few with moustaces
  4. and the brits wear skirts,,stockings ect.. the evas,, jeans and mountain boots..
    at this point i should point out im married to eva brauns sister..helger..
  5. My lass is a boxhead, corners on her head and everything. I've never known her not to shave her pits!

    Her arse looks like a Gorillas though!
  6. i live in the back woods,,, farms ect,, hair is def the norm here,,
    as are armbands jackboots and goon towers..

  7. The German bints speak better English!
  8. that is true..and they dont smell of chip fat or bluddy elizebeth ardens ,,sunflower stink..puts you right off beer..
  9. On my last trip back to Blighty I was shocked at how many fat lasses there were! Far too many for one man to sh'ag! There are fat German lasses as well, but not in such quantities.

    If you are a brit fat lass, no offence intended, but look at yourself in the mirror.

    Who the fu'ck do you think you are kidding in that track suit?
  10. or england football shirts,,,its not as though they are even winning..
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Rather have a boxhead than a Jock Wife in Cha Cha's
  12. not sure on that one most in there are p,x,ed to the eye balls.
    your prob saffer getting your head kicked in by the jocks..
    its also dangerous as most of the blokes in there wear skirts too..
    or kilts as they call them..
    some are better looking than the women with nicer legs too...
  13. german women: better looking, no squeeky accent and better dress sense! why wear your summer clothes in winter its freezing! thats why winter clothes did get invented :)
  14. German birds drink more.
  15. They also pay for their rounds!