German football song irks Muslims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. From BBC
    An anthem sung by fans of the German football club FC Schalke 04 has drawn protests from Muslims because of its reference to the Prophet Muhammad.
    The Gelsenkirchen club, which plays in Germany's top league, the Bundesliga, has asked an Islam expert to consider whether the song might be insulting.
    The third verse contains the words: "Muhammad was a prophet who understood nothing about football".
    "But of all the lovely colours he chose [Schalke's] blue and white," it goes.
    The club has received hundreds of e-mails from angry Muslims recently, since Turkish media carried reports about the song.
    Police in Gelsenkirchen, in the industrial Ruhr region of western Germany, say they are taking the Muslim complaints very seriously.
    The head of Germany's Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, said his council would not call for a ban on the anthem, but would like "an explanation of its background".
    The song is called "Blue and White, how I love you" and in German the lyrics about Muhammad read: Mohammed war ein Prophet, der vom Fussballspielen nichts versteht. Doch aus all der schoenen Farbenpracht hat er sich das Blau und Weisse ausgedacht.
    The German news website Deutsche Welle says the song was written in 1924 and it is not clear when the Muhammad reference made its way in.
  2. All aboard the Jihad Bus, brothers! Death to the Infidals! :D :lol:
  3. Class! :D
  4. Ding ding! Alles einsteigen, fahrkarten bitte.
  5. "The Gelsenkirchen club, which plays in Germany's top league, the Bundesliga, has asked an Islam expert to consider whether the song might be insulting."
    Lets face it, if they have to get expert opinion on if they are upset, then the chances are they probably aren't.
    I sometimes think Islamists don't have enough enemies in the world, so they have to make efforts to generate new ones.
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    can we have a list of what *doesnt* irk the peace-loving peoples of Mohammed? might be a sight quicker and less hassle all round. uptight twunts.
  7. Don't mention the Prophet! I mentioned him once but I think I got away with it! :D :lol:
  8. Well, does he know anything about footie?
  9. Meanwhile in other important news: on Monday, a Bundesbahn train-driver in Hamburg dropped his sandwiches on the rails as he was climbing into his cab.

  10. I’ve drawn up a list. Here it is:
  11. Did Mohammed know anything about football?

    No? Well fcuk off then. :roll:
  12. Apparently he knows loads about football.....

    Mohamed Aboutrika is named BBC African Footballer of the Year 2008
    Date: 16.01.2009
    Category: World Service
    By an overwhelming majority, football fans have voted Egyptian footballer, Mohamed Aboutrika, the BBC African Footballer of the Year 2008.

    The competition received a record 155,643 votes - twice as many compared to last year. The Al-Ahly player received more than half the total number.

    However, I'm sure the Saudi's will be upset to find that Mecca is moving to Cairo!!!...............for an undisclosed fee...subject to a medical.
  13. I don't know about yon fella, but this one does: Mohamed Amsif. He actually plays for Schalke 04 with the number 35.

  14. Yikes, that bit had gone completely over my head. 8O

    So the islamists have even more of a reason to stfu :) .
  15. There are two other Muslims who play for the team too, apart from your man Amsif.

    I honestly think that some folks get up each morning and log onto to find a subject for the day.