German equivalent of 'The Way Ahead'?

Can anyone point me in the direction of German war films, made during the Second World War? In particular I'd like to see their version of 'The Way Ahead', or 'Went the Day Well?'.
Thanks, I looked at that, but hoped/assumed that it was incomplete on the German side.
You're not missing much.

I'm reading Klaus Fischer's seminal work on the Nazi era, and even a capable historian, noted for rooting out even the most obscure and arcane detail, can find little in terms of Nazi art and culture to report. Culturally, the Nazi era was a drought in all medias.

Many German propaganda films were turgid miserable nonsense that even ardent nazi's found distasteful. Nazi propaganda was steeped in hatred and pseudo scientific nonsense about the strength of will, and that German 'Volk' should feel no pity or pathos for outsiders or even there own kind. As there cities were bombed to buggery few Germans cared for a night of this crap at the local fleapit.

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