German DSL Modem in UK

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Interceptor, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Help.

    I came back from Germany with a T-DSL Teledat 331 LAN modem. I can't get it to work over here.

    It isn't compatible with a UK BT DSL splitter. My German splitter had an RJ45 socket which I connected to the modem's RJ45 socket with a length of Cat 5. The BT splitter has an RJ11 connector so I cannot simply plug my Cat 5 into it.
    I've also tried splicing a UK phone socket connector in place of the German phone socket connector (ie the bit that plugs into the wall) but that didn't work.

    Has anyone got any experience of using a German modem in UK?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Im off to the fatherland in August, whats the score with broadband etc...
    last time i was there was mid 80s and these new fangled doofys didnt exist!
  3. Just pop into your local branch of T-Com and hand over a load of Euros. You can do it at the same time that you set up your home phone. As an aside, the Germans will try to flog you one of their home phones but if you pop into your local German DIY shop (eg Hornbach) they should be able to sell you a UK-Ge adaptor.

    There was a company set up to provide Telecom products to English speaking residents. I think it was based down in south Germany (ie for the US forces). If I can remember it's name, I'll post it here. Much better to get your bills in English if you cannot speak a word of the local lingo...
  4. Interceptor - what's the deal with trying to use a German modem you tight git? Surely if you signed up for BT you get a free modem and splitter(s) anyway?

    Can I suggest you stop trying to be a geeky tw@t, sell your gear to FF and use the freebie.

    ...of course the flaw in the plan is if you haven't signed up with a provider who ship the free stuff.
  5. TKS Snap
  6. If you get the chance then fcuk Deutsche Telekom right off.

    Get some quotes from the other guys first, DTcom are a bunch of rip off artists, Arcor, Vodafone, 1&1, Freenet are all cheaper so shop around.

    Oh and if you do go for DTcom then don't take their phones. Buy one in any of the local shops it will work out a hell of a lot cheaper over a normal tour.
  7. Yup. I did that. However, be careful - they sell themselves as 'providers of English bills' but actually they take over the whole account from T-Com. T-Com don't actually want to know you after that and any problems with hardware, services etc have to be handled through them. Didn't eactly find them overly helpful....
  8. Interceptor, I have a BT broadband router you can have, its not wireless though and youd have to get all the cables and leads cos Im still using them.
  9. Cool. Check your PMs.
  10. Interceptor, I think you can get a cable that has RJ-45 at one end and RJ-11 at the other, which may do the trick for you. Failing that, I think there are adaptors that convert RJ-45 to RJ-11.