German documentary on the Bundeswehr in Afgahnistan

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Proper_Gander, Nov 19, 2010.

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  1. ZDF is very left wing, but this documentary is not about the wrongs or rights of the campaign. it's about the Bundeswehr Soldat. the fact that the german populace knows next to nothing about what these guys are doing and that there is no support at all for them when they get home. it seems to be trying to drum up support for their boys and make people aware of what's going on.

    it's a problem the british soldier is not confronted with. people talk about it a lot more and there is a lot more support.

    unfortunately the link is in german only:

    Sendung Verpasst? - ZDF Mediathek
  2. A German Restrepo??
  3. The support for the British Forces is only a recent thing though. If you recall, there was a build up to make people aware of what Joe & Joanne Squaddie were going through and also, at that same there was a drive to support their families as there had been little or no support for them at home. We'd sort of got used to squaddies being killed and injured over the decades and there was a level of indifference shown by the media & the Government. Only in the recent years has there been a recognition for soldiers amongst the general public, who, through our versions of this video have had the reality of Iraq/Afghanistan beamed right into their front rooms. Just about every other car I see on the road nowadays has a 'H 4 H' sticker in the back window. It's taken a while for that recognition and support to come through. I think that the Germans are at the stage where Britain was 6 or 7 years ago. My German is limited, but the gist of what I think was being said, was very similar to that which appeared on earlier and similar British documentaries. Good luck to the Germans, I hope that they gain the support they deserve, but I've a sneaky feeling that the mindset brought about by the consequences of WW2 may still be playing a leading role in Germany.
  4. it all boils down to WW2.
    in britain it's easier for people to call soldiers Heroes. not so much for germans because of their history. they are very anti military overall. and very much against the war. there was an interesting part of that documentary where Merkel was weaving her way around the word "Krieg", while the zu Guttenberg (in charge of Defence and maybe future chanceller in the making) found it easy to call it what it was, a war.

    don't forget, if germans speak about heroism of their soldiers they have get a nasty taste of national socialism in their mouth, that's something they don't want to be reminded of. that's why all their media outlets are left wing. whereas in britain all but the Guardian and the BBC (Centre left) are right wing.
  5. Just finished watching, recommend it for those of you that have a grasp of German, it is well done, typical German, factual and technical, yet personal. Also, Germans have their own ginger (in the first minute or so). :)
    This is a good piece of honest documentary, shows the divided stance in Germany over the Bundeswehr's deployment into a war zone and whether they ought to call it a 'domestic armed conflict' or 'war'