German defence woes (latest from The Times)

You also underestimate how much Hilary Clinton was hated by the electorate.

Populism seems to be classed as a bad thing. It needs to happen every so often as the political classes lose touch with who their masters are.
A combination of hubris and entitlement are the defining characteristics of too many modern politicians. Elitism - an over-estimation of the worth of the self, often fed by being part of a mutually feeding cohort - is the result.

Boil that down, and you're back to "We know best".

A problem then is that it's not about serving the electorate but impressing upon the world one's own view of what and how the world should be. The electorate at that point becomes rather an inconvenience.

These are the same politicians who then fret over falling voter turn-outs. Or do they, really, if they can get back in and pursue their goals on fewer votes, so much the better? It rankles though that they then rant on about having a majority mandate to do things.

Populism can be very ugly and it's remarkably easy to achieve. Bread and circuses. It's interesting though that populism is one of those sneers often used by those more to the Left (and yet, in the UK, what is an over-inflated welfare system if not populism - buying votes?). What's actually happening is that a majority of small-c conservatives are feeling disenfranchised and their frustrations are finally gaining vent.

So the question is: are we really talking about populism or are we talking about (a) politician(s) actually doing what in theory they're supposed to which is giving the people what they want?
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I reckon it’ll be Graf Von Juncker and the only ship in Luxembourg.summer port Biaritz, winter port Monaco. There will be Deck chair evolutions on the flight deck with Apres ski in the Hangars. Course if they do recover the Old Graf Zepplin, it’ll be eco, after all they won’t have to build it and bangin line with the Paris accord.
No, it will be split down the middle.

Port side will be French and called Napoleon
Starboard side will be German and called Graf von Zeppelin

There will be two islands, one either side of the flight deck and fights will be held regularly in the below decks hangars.

Could "Europa" be a likely bet (unless that has a lingering WW2 association with "Festung")?

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