German Crusader - Paras' Afghan Patch

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by RhodieBKK, Dec 11, 2010.

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  1. German military sensitivity at its best



    German paratrooper in Afghanistan, December 6, 2010.

    German Crusader
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  2. Fcking good lad!
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  3. Squaddie Humour is obviously the same the world over
  4. think grandaddy did'nt get this far east
    or after the airstrike on the hijacked oil tanker "stealing is naughty"
    were much beter
  5. There is a certain delicious irony that among ISAF it would be the Germans [and Paras to boot]
    who dare to display a sense of humour!
  6. True, but think of all the limpwrist's in the UK outrage if one of our Para's had that on his kit!! I can imagine all the "uming rites" & "racial equality" mob getting all lathered up baying for his blood!!
  7. And who says the Boxheads don't have a sense of humour?
  8. The Germans do have a sense of humour. However it is usually impenetrable to non-boxheads and mainly revolves around toilets and faeces.
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  9. Don't forget 'Dinner for One' on TV every New Year's Eve
  10. It´s sad that most Brits have this blinkered view of German humour,it´s basically the same view they(the Germans) have of English cooking or rather English food as they can´t cook to save their fcuking lives ;))

    PS,they´re very good at taking the piss out of politicians,not as good as splitting image but get quite close sometimes.
  11. Also, why is it modern militaries are now rapidly beginning to look like what video games think they should look like? How long before a HALO uniform is issued?
  12. whenever they finish PECOC. Has the whole set including faceshield.
  13. Saw this recently thought it was rather good


    Also anyone needs a good embroiderer (I use them, they're V Good) PM me


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  14. i don't know, looks a bit like photoshop to me...
  15. Why is the magnified pic of the patch on a multicam background when its quite obvious the Jerrys are wearing Flecktarn?

    I smell shoite