German companies named as Iraq suppliers

Makes me wonder why the US wanted to edit that document. Was it to take out any names, that may have proved to be embarrasing?


Whole thing stinks like ma granny's chuff.

US cheesed off with Germans for lack of support over Iraq. German companies mysteriously appear to be named as supplying materials!!
Righty then.

Exactly what are they supplying? Sleeping bags?
I'm amazed no French or Russian companies are named, in spite of the fact there involvement is general knowledge.

The original document, has been "edited" down to 3, 500 pages from 12,500 pages.

....and you expect us to go to war on a document that has 75% of it in the shredder?

You're right Hairy, something stinks.

Bush is due to make his statement re. Saddam telling porkies on Thursday, after Hans Blixt makes his initial report.

This is going to be interesting. Blixt is going to say, that he has found Jack, and Bush is going to say, that Saddam is lying and Blixt is inefficient, because he's found nothing. However, the NSA is still unwilling to release information, that Bush SAYS they have, for fear of compromising  opsec, which Blixt is requesting.

Never mind being able to drive a coach and four through the Iraqi declaration, you could drive a Cross channel car Transporter through the US "evidence" so far.

Give us some hard intel, it's been promised for the best part of a year, it hasn't happened.
The Frogs (spit on them), the Russkies and (apparently now) the Boche aren't the only ones.
Read  an ICG doc last week which stated that FRY countries had been selling allsorts of stuff to Iraq, including what appeared to be an offer to assist with deconstruction of WMD facilities prior to and then reconstruction thereof after an inspection.  Also included were parts of MiG engines and a whole load of other stuff.  So it wont just be Sophie sights we find on their burnt out hulks come the day!

Maybe we'll be fighting our way onto the ferries which if the BBC is right have been TUFT!


Well, as long as the matelots are steering them a bit better than they have been recently.

Don't want them hitting their props off sunken BMW's ;)
Or vigourously mounting the only rock between here and Basra  ;D
Well, you can cross Matrix Churchill off the list, as I don't think they are about any more, having been shafted by the Tories, to try and protect the pond dweller Aitken.

Now, if we could tie Bluppet into one of those companies......  ;D