German Car Insurance

Was insured out in Germany by a German car Insurance company as they gave me a cheaper quote than the British BFG cover.

Anyway after holding the policy for 2 months, driving back to England I had a lapse of concentration and crashed, and the Car ended up an Insurance write off.

Anyway the problem I have is that They recovered my Car from Belgium where I crashed, declared it a Write off and sold it on to a scrap dealer giviming me the scrap value of €600 and declared it a third party pay out and as such took my no claims that was due 3 months later off me. Having been paying fully Comp insurance and now being almost £4000 out of pocket and my insurance rep saying his head office decided that was what I would get and there was no way to find out how they arrived at that figure does anyone have any experience of this and any idea where I stand as I am very out of pocket atm
The first thing to do is to put things in writing. Write to the broker or insurance rep and ask for a full breakdown of how they arrived at the settlement figure. Give them 7 days to reply in writing. If they don't respond or fail to provide a satisfactory answer, contact Army Legal Aid, who will be able to advise you both where you stand under German & EU law, with the contract between yourself and the insurer, and any regulatory body that may be able to assist.
Was the insurance coy BFG approved? If not, you may face a bit of a battle getting any assistance from Army services
Insurance dont you love it.

Firstky are your docs in English if not request a copy and have a good read about the claims settlement, pay extra attention to the German definition of "fully comp cover" this cover varies enough in the UK overseas it becomes much worse.

Then as VB says write to them asking for a breakdown of the calculation they used to assess the value of your car and any limiting factors on your payout be prepared to lose any unpaid premium out of the settlement figure and they may also charge a fee to relocate your car to Germany.

German insurance companys are notoriously ficcle and will always try to avoid making a payment so be prepared to harass them lots.

Lastly with regard to the no claims contact the last UK insurance company you were insured with and ask for a copy of your no claims bonus, when you insure in the UK supply this with details about your claim and a note explaining that the German company dont offer NCD.

It is important that you do declare the crash as other wise you may invalidate your insurance.

Not wishing to preach but the lesson here is to pay a bit more and insure with a UK company who play fair.
Cheers for the advice so far.....

The company is fine BFG wise the lil insurance office next to the BFG office use them (Allianz) and AXA, and for the insurance schedule, its entirely in German and they don't offer English versions.

and yep OB its not preaching but it looks like I'm going with the more expensive but trusted NAAFI route, they at least pay out :)
Find someone who can speak fluent Germand and English first of all. Get them on the phone for you, hopefully someone with a backbone and find out what is going on.

I have my car insured by VGH in Osnabrueck via a guy called 'Harald Rotert' 0541 55545. He only speaks German but in future I'd use him as he doesn't like or let the insurance screw you over.
snazmeister said:
Find someone who can speak fluent Germand and English first of all. Get them on the phone for you, hopefully someone with a backbone and find out what is going on.
Army Legal Aid will do this, as I alluded to above. Despite ALS's reputation as prosecutors, the service in Germany is very good. They have both British and German qualified lawyers, and court-certified translators. I approached them over a German courier firm who were trying to make me pay some bogus charge for a parcel on which I'd already paid delivery, and kept referring to their (German) terms and conditions, with endless legalese, all auf deutsch - ALA could not have been more helpful, and resolved the situation in my favour within a couple of hours.

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